Thursday, August 18, 2005

Viva Las Vegas!

The famous Luxor Casino. It is SO hot here the pavement was scolding.

New York New York Casino

This is M&M wrold. Rediclous and only in Vegas. You can buy anything you can think of here with M&M's on it! Clothes, teapots, stickers,'s insane. I saw a M&M 3D movie made especially for Vegas with a weak plot (may miss the Academy Award nomination this year) and walked though a tunnel like the Cadbury one with a story about how they make the M&M's. The wall behind me is covered with all different colours of M&M's that can't usually get anywhere! And people are buying all this stuff!

The famous Bellagio fountains at night go off every 15mins and are beautiful! Amazingly high and coreographed to music by computers ! We saw 2 'shows'-one to a duet sung with Celine Dion and the other to the national anthem.

Paris the Casino

Las Vegas is crazy! It's stinking hot day and night and smells like a cross between McDonalds and petrol! On every corner there are people giving out flyers for 'girls' (so degrading) and there are massive screens advertising (from my hotel room window alone I can see 6!). If you look directly at the screens sometimes they are so bright they hurt your eyes! I cannot believe there are so many casinos here! I know it's Vegas but each casino is massive and it's amazing to think how much money must be being lost for them to stay open and be as grand as they are! But wait there's more being built! I saw Cirque du soleil's Mystère at the casino Treasure Island or ti! It was amazing! I have seen it on TV but I have never seen anything like this before! The music, costumes even the design of the stage was incredible! We went to all the casino’s- Bellagio (with the famous fountains), New York New York, Paris, Mandalay Bay, the Venetian, Caesar’s palace. At Excalibur I played poker!!! YAY for underage gambling! We stayed at a casino called the Boardwalk and had a view of the strip and at Arizona Charlie’s we had a buffet dinner with my Dad’s friend Kathy! I love American buffets! So fun!

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