Friday, June 03, 2011

Visiting Strawberry on the Gold Coast!!

this is not my photo


My friend Strawberry had an extra ticket to the Gold Coast for the weekend and so here I am! I left straight from uni and have nothing but a phone, wallet, photoshop book, hard drive, some as I sit here typing I'm in a beautiful dress of Strawberries', have been given a toothbrush and borrowed a Cannon SLR to take pictures with! The stars are aligned and Strawberry is so happy to have me here and with nothing shows my dedication!

Last night I flew into the Gold Coast airport, got a ride with the guy sitting next to me to Surfers Paradise and met up with Strawberry and her contingent of friends. We went to beach and the surreal night view of skyscrapers on beach was my first experience of the Gold Coast and something like an Asimov novel. After, Strawberry took us to 'the Swinging Safari' which is the funkiest place yo hang out apparently. There was live music and a friend of Strawberries started rapping along with the band while we dressed up in floral costumes provided by the establishment!

Strawberry leaves for Europe soon so we are visiting her family (it's nice to finally meet the people I have heard so much about) and relaxing after a busy uni and work schedule last semester! Home Monday night to see my friend Jarrod before he leaves for Peru. Then get some editing done and start working on projects for the holidays. Submitting an application to go to China today through the Australian government and sure is interesting!