Thursday, November 29, 2007

Fairwell NY, Goodbye DC.....Guten Tag AUSTRIA!!!

Cara in Time Square at night, with all the lights however it's like It's daytime!

Cara and her new found friend John in Times Square! Thanks for showing me a great time and being so kind John!

Cara and wonderful NY host Mr. Tanner Randall, credited for the model shots on my blog back in August (!

Fabulous Couch Surfers having dinner near Washington Square Park in NY! Aleks (Russian American), Meee (Australian American en route to Austria), John (Irish en route to Argentina for Latin dancing and filming) and Shanna (Belgian living in Germany).

Cara and Kate pictured in 'Hoya Blue' (patriotic to Georgetown University). Kate and I were on exchange together in Lyon and she was my fabulous DC host. It was great to see her again and I got to see a college basketball game!

Cara and Joel rendez vous in DC! Great to see him again! Joel was the best tour guide ever whilst I stayed with him in Bologna, Itay in Feb 2006.

Cara and the Capitol!


Bye Bye DC...Hello AUSTRIA!!!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Exploring NYC!

Cara visits Morningside Heights, a more intimate part of NYC, iin her solo style.

Tom's Restaurant! This is the interior of the restaurant that they show the outside of in Seinfeld! Doesn't Cara look euphoric about her Lima Bean was actually really good($2.45USD)!

This is the Cathedral of St John the Divine whose claim to fame is the largest place of worship in the USA and the largest Cathedral in the world! Horray for good ole' Saint John!

Looking south east over Morningside Park you can see the northern side of Central Park, its fall tinted foliage peeking out of the buildings. PS. The Cara is a little chilly as it is Autumn in NY! PPS. The Cara cannot seem to figure out that piling on summer clothes still leaves one wearing only summer clothes and not warm attire (as a general rule: 4 summer layers = 1 winter layer!)! The Cara is trying to adjust, compensate, retrain and roll with the times/weather! Note to self: must evolve!

Hello from Columbia University! 'A top academic and research institutions in the world' so they say....aren't they all! Founded in 1754...okay, that's pretty impressive then!