Wednesday, August 10, 2005



Golden Gate!

Falafel on the lawns of UC Berkeley

T-Rex skeleton at Berkeley


Anonymous said...

Love the photos, I am so envious, shorts and t-shirt even when the weather doesnt look nice. I is so cold here, I was snowing all over the state, but unfortunately we didnt get any at my place, whats the use in living in the mountains if it doesnt even snow.

Luv Rhiannon

Emily said...

Wow kermit the frog, i can't beleive they made a star for a hand puppet...i suppose stranger things have happened eg snow in melbourne!
Mum was in Daylesford and got a good layer of snow on her car, meanwhile back at the ranch I've been getting numb fingers and toes all the time!
Oh and the Golden Gate was very cool too did you go across it?
You can't climb it can you? It looks like it might be a challenge.

Anyway it all looks fun and it's giving me the travel bug big time!
Keep the pictures coming!
Hugs from EM

Cara Bradley said...

Poor Rhiannon love! You missed out with the snow! You're nuts, sounds freezing! Emmy dear: You can climb it if you know's all about who you know! and no we didn't walk across because it was sooo cold (and we didn't have any warm clothes) that day (not that I'm complaining- it wasn't snowing at least). I was actually walking around that area wrapped in a blanket, took it off for the photo and then wrapped again! =)

Anonymous said...

Hello Cara!
I like the pictures. You have done more California sight seeing then I ever have, and I live here! Oh well, I don't get out much.
Anywho, I was just wondering how I was going to get the pictures that you borrowed from me back. There is no rush, but we never talked about that.
It was great seeing you on Friday. Hope we didn't keep you out too late.

Your Cali friend,

Anonymous said...

mon ami..
i love seeing ur pictures!! i think i may have to start having conversations with them, so its like im talking to u! (yes i will b admitting myself to the psych ward rather shortly!)i hope ur having LOTSA fun! i love u lots and miss u even more.
love kris =)

Mr David said...

Nice pictures! whoever uploaded them/took them must be one really clever and attractive guy. hehe

Hope you have fun in the Grand Canyon gorgeous! Miami requires your smile... you'd better come visit.


Cara Bradley said...

Hey yall! Thanks for writing. I am going to copy the photos and send them to you Julia. Hi Kris...I love you!