Monday, March 29, 2010

Oh Yeah! Art Jump!

My friend Dave and I made it onto the Art Jump site! Hooray!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

how have you been?

Someone asked me: how have you been?

I am good....toooo many things going on and yet nothing all at the same time!
Job hunting and applying in multiple fields (that could keep you busy forever),
Working in retail,
Reconnect with old friends,
Making new friends in Melb,
Planning a weekend away,
Staying literate at the library
Organizing my photos,
Enquiring about artistic collaboration,
Awaiting and participating in the making of my website.
Understand my back through a new class, method, therapy, bath,
Working on the odd occasion for my Mum's chocolate shop,
Volunteering with kids,
Volunteering with Public health,
Searching for experience in public health,
Staying in touch with the USA, grandma is being neglected
Getting new glasses,
Seeing exhibitions in Melbourne,
New dentist, new problems AND
Old dentist, old problems
(yes, both simultaneously)
....and trying to see some comedy shows...

Note: I took out all the sentences above stating with Trying....wasn't good for morale! Action words are the way to go!

So how have I been?
busy, occupied, bored, stressed, happy, depressed, grateful, ungrateful, lonely, overwhelmed....I could go on...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

CouchSurfers + Chocolate = good time

What time is it? Chocolate time!

followed by dinner time =)

After meeting acouple of CouchSurfers recently and seeing the looks awe and desire when I mentioned my that Mum owns a chocolate store, I made an event on CouchSurfing for people to come and visit Hahndorf's Fine Chocolates in Black Rock. As it neared closer to Sunday, I checked the even page. It listed 7 people as coming. I thought a few might not show and so it would leave us with approximately 5 people. Oh, how wrong I was. 10 CSers arrived at Sandringham station, another 2 were already there drinking their first beverage. 2 more showed up after...there were about 16 of us in total! My Mother was just overjoyed to be working a Sunday afternoon in place of one of her staff and have a table of 16 orders. I had to ask her 'Do you still love me?'. 'No', she replied, in a rather unconvincely but 'how could you do this to me' kind of way. After wonderful chocolates we walked down to the beach for a swim. With summer sinking away into the depth of time, the water is getting cooler, but in I went all the same. People slowly had to leave until it was pizza (or Australian bruschetta we decided for the 2 Italian ladies begged to differ) for 8 in Parkdale! A great day!

everyone loves sporks...

Tuesday, March 02, 2010


TastyKake by Bronwyn (pictured left) from Philly, Craig (center) from Kansas(?) and Cara who is a Cal-bournian(?). Bronwyn's permission for use of this photo series is given with as long as we give Philly some love! Go Philly Go!