Friday, July 31, 2009

Day 11- Kauai!

We are on the Island of Kauai staying on Poipu beach!

The house is on the beach and at this time of the year its the rougher side of the island so the waves are crashing. Kauai is smaller and quainter which is nice change from the traffic, people and military personnel of Oahu.

Photos soon! xx

PS. Oh by the way, I've placed all my flights on hold (airlines use the word 'cancelled' but that's a little too scary for me) and I'm deferring my course at RMIT for a year. The new plan: Kauai, Oahu, LA, Santa Rosa, possibly a CS Road Trip to Portland and then onto Echo for the grape harvest, to live on a river and slow down. Back in Oz in Oct/Nov to get a job and, yeah, I want to settle down, in a minute...=) 

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day 8: North Shore drive

A rock with a hole with a rock...when you're the photographer you're never in the photos so you have to take what you can get!

Who loves shrimp!?! What about monster shrimp! 
This is the shrimp's revenge perhaps? Patrick and I shared fresh Butter Garlic ship and they were so yummy! 

The day: Up, pancakes made by Danny (with pineapple, coconut syrup and fresh grated coconut procured by Jason), to the 'secret/local' beach to snorkel with turtles (you touch them, its a $5,000USD fine, they touch you...what I ask? I was touched, several times!), pit stop at the mansion, to Waimea Bay (which I have affectionately named 'the bath tub' because the sand slopes into the water and then the bottom is flat and perfect) for swimming. After that we went home, washed the salt off and Jan, Pat and I headed off to drive around the North and East coasts of the island. The pali or cliffs were beautiful, green covered in vegetation. We saw lots of locals and less tourists (a relief, Oahu is so busy!), a sizable Mormon temple, a polynesian style McDonalds (bizzare). Stopped for shrimp on the way back. Photographed yet another beautiful sunset, chatted to a couple making a fire on the beach (yet more military personal- a deep sea diver station here for 10 years). Tacos for dinner, played Phase 10 cards with the adults and now....up WAY to LATE! GOODNIGHT! =) xxx 

PS. Hawaiian party supplies, From our island to yours.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Oahu Day 5

Turtle skin- look at that beautiful rich texture.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Oahu Day 3

Now who could pass up this photo opportunity! I LOVE CHEEESY PHOTOS! =)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Oahu- Day 2

The day of relaxation. Jason went on the coconut rampage again this morning as I was eating breakfast so after breakfast I ate half a coconut. Yum. Now I am on the lanai watching the ocean, the view is interspersed with palm tree trunks. I am listening to music on my laptop and it seems the waves are beating against the sand competing to be heard.

Oahu- Day 2

The day of relaxation. Jason went on the coconut rampage again this morning as I was eating breakfast so after breakfast I ate half a coconut. Yum. Now I am on the lanai watching the ocean, the view is interspersed with palm tree trunks. I am listening to music on my laptop and it seems the waves are beating against the sand competing to be heard.

The hunter cracks the nut.

Every task needs a supervisor. 

After heaps of effort its open...sorta!

More supervision and now the milking.

Older coconuts = iffy milk. Younger = sooo GREAT!

If you like Pina coladas, getting caught in the rain...=) 

Monday, July 20, 2009

Oahu- Day 1 of family vacation

So we left LA early and arrived in Paradise. Rented a van and the clown song played once again as the Bradley's, Colegroves and their copious amounts of luggage (which is an entity of its own) tried to fit into a van meant for 7 (while there may be 7 of us I am convinced there is double the amount of luggage). With my grandpa disregarding the GPS directions (I thought any minute the clam electronic voice was going to start using profanity and gain an attitude...'Ok then, turn right now dumbass') we made it to our house on the North Shore of Oahu. Did I say house? I mean mansion! Truly. You'll see the pictures. This is like a party house for large groups. On the coffee table there is a book signed by the Miami Cheerleaders.

When we arrived to the mansion at 2ish the cleaners were unexpectedly still there. The house had been trashed by its former occupants who had rented 2 houses in the area this one, being the nicer and on the beach, ended up housing everyone. They think there were about 20 people staying here! Need I say more about it being a party mansion? We went food shopping and were reminded of how things are often double the price in Hawaii. Except a pineapple which is $2.

We returned to the house and marveled at it some more. I went swimming/floating with style on our own beach took one of the best showers of my life. Outside, equipped with hot a cold water, looking at the tropical blue Ocean, listenig to the waves, hot weather and a breeze. It was Heaven.

After that Nonie, Jill, Kaylen and I walked on the beach, saw a perfect sunset and sea turtle. It was a bbq feast for dinner (including vegetables, yum!) and then bed time. I have my own room with a lanai (porch/verandah), a huge comfy bed, a closet with shelves to lay out my things and a fan to move the air. Heaven is Hawaii and this house me thinks =)

Happiness is a warm puppy Charles Schulz says.
Cara says Happiness is....
...a hammock on the beach in Hawaii
...fresh pineapple (I'll never eat canned again!)
...fresh coconut (now there's a hard nut to cousin is on the rampagne for coconuts with a hammer, screwdriver and determination)
...listening to the waves at you fall asleep
...putting your head beneath the water and feeling the water smooth tendrils of hair to your head like liquid fingers
Happiness (and after all the stress of the last 6 months I am so glad)

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Bansky...a phenomenon apparently =) Graffiti artist.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Obama on Mt Rushmore?

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Point Reyes



Spectacular lighting on the way home:

Excursion to Point Reyes with my Dad, Paul, Penny, Kathy (Penny's sister visiting from Maine) and Izzy (Penny's pooch).

Why see the Pride Parade when you can be in it?

How often do you get to see the Pride Parade in San Fran?
How often do you get to be in it?

Meg (Craig's cousin) invited us all to be part of the parade and march with the SSU group!

Parade preparations- Vanessa, Craig, Meg and Cara

SSU marches

A candid moment The pride parade was great for people watching.

What a portrait.

Comedy to keep me busy for years...

A comedian a day keeps....?

1) Russell Peters,  2) Jerry Seinfeld, 3) Dane Cook, 4) George Carlin, 5) Dave Chappelle, 6) Katt Williams, 7) Mitch Hedberg, 8) Robin Williams, 9) Chris Rock, 10) Steve Martin, 11) Eddie Izzard, 12) Richard Pryor, 13) Brian Regan, 14) Jeff Dunham, 15) Bill Hicks, 16) Demetri Martin, 17) Lee Evans, 18) Lewis Black, 19) Eddie Murphy, 20) Jim Gaffigan, 21) Pablo Francisco, 22) Ellen Degeneres, 23) Billy Connolly, 24) George Lopez, 25) Daniel Tosh, 26) Carlos Mencia, 27) Bill Cosby, 28) Steven Wright, 29) Gabriel Iglesias, 30) Ricky Gervais, 31) John Pinette, 32) Louis C. K., 33) Nick Swardson, 34) Jimmy Carr, 35) Ross Noble, 36) Doug Stanhope, 37) Jim Carrey, 38) Lisa Lampanelli, 39) Rodney Carrington, 40) Kathy Griffin, 41) Larry The Cable Guy, 42) Dylan Moran, 43) Rodney Dangerfield, 44) Frank Caliendo, 45) Chris Titus, 46) Patton Oswalt, 47) Ron White, 48) Stephen Lynch, 49) Jeff Foxworthy, 50) Mike Birbiglia


Sunset above the clouds at Mt Tam

Paul took me to one of the most beautiful places on Earth....

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Gotta get me some of these...

TED Talks: 
Kamal Meattle on how to grow fresh air

Mr Meattle spoke of 3 common green plants to grow your own fresh air.

So for one person you need:

-4 shoulder high hydroponically grown Arecra Palms (converts CO2 into O2). Plant care: wipe leave once a week in a clean air city, take outdoors 3-4 months

-6-8 waist high Mother-in-law's Tongue (converts CO2 into O2 at NIGHT)

- preferably hydroponically grown Money Plants (remove formaldehyde and other volatile chemicals)