Thursday, August 25, 2005

LA...Back to Civilisation

Say Goodbye to the Colegroves (my Mum's sister)

Bye to Dad and Dad's brother Ward (our accmodation and airport taxi specialist) at LAX

Hi everyone! I am in LA at my favourite Aunt's house *waves to Aunt Jill*. I have left the Grand Canyon and now tomorrow I fly out of LA for the big Apple on the East Coast! My flight leaves here at 7:30 am and I arrive in New York at 3:55 in the avo. The flight is 5 hours. I am in New York for 5 days exploring and staying with Jeanna (my best freind when I was 6) and her family in New Jersey! I plan to hit the museums and relax a bit! I have been running since I got here!


Lauren said...

Hi Cara,
Em told me about your trip and i must say your blogs are keeping me very entertained when im at work :) It sounds like the most amazing trip and has really given me the travel bug!! Take care and have fun,
Lauren McKone

Anonymous said...

Hey chicky babe,
Oh new york, do my a favour and be 'sex and the city' as much as you possibly can. Glamour to the max and i know how well you'll pull it off!
I'm doing immuno for me!
Ciao bella.

Mr David said...


In case you don't get my email! My number here is 7863256928

Sounds like you had a great time in the Grand Canyon! Let us all know what number we can reach you on in NY!

Love you lots,


Aidan said...

Great pictures, everything seems even more amazing with the pictures. My fav is the moral rock one. Lookin pretty close to the edge there!
Can't wait for the next installment. Much more fun to read about your adventures than do maths projects.
Missing you heaps!