Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Cara the Aussie Girl!

Cara the Skippy Chick!

My boxes finally arrived. One from Germany and 2 from France (sent on the first of April)...speedy hey? They contained all sorts of goodies- mainly books, postcards and souvenir ticket stubs & pamphlets for my 'non-existant but perfectly planned in my head' scrap book. You can see my Bescherelle in this photo...the French verb bible! I imported my own copy! YAY!

Good to be home! And yet....the travel bug continues to bite...where to next...after university and some decisions?

Monday, August 21, 2006

For those in Melbourne:

Hi Everyone! Salut, Ciao, Szia, Guten Tag, Hoi, Hola, Bok, Aloha, Sawatdee and Ei!

***************Cara is back in Melbourne!!!!!*********************************
I have returned from my world tour and its time to par-tay!!!!!

WHAT: Coming Home Party/House Warming (yes, I have moved too!)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHEN: Saturday Aug 26th...let's say 8pm so people turn up sometime before midnight!

WHERE: My new house! 62 Keith Street Parkdale (Off Nepan Highway, Melways p87 F9)

WHY: To have FUN and catch up!

BYO: Alcohol, munchies also welcomed, photos of things that I missed and anything else entertaining really!

Crashing: You are welcome to stay the night since most people arent local....comfort isn't house has hardwood something could be sorted out!

R.S.V.P. if you like....however that seems to be no ones strong point so SEE YOU ALL SOON!

Cara =)