Monday, June 30, 2008

So it is Day 2 in Denver!


Ryan and I awoke to our great CS hosts, Andy and Liz, making breakfast (scrambled eggs, toast and jam). We ate....yum! and then packed up and out. Out to the pool and spa in their gated community! I swam laps...the pool was cooold...but, the sun was warm seeing as Denver gets 350 days of sunshine a year....people here a spoiled I tell you! Then we ate cookies and candy from the reception/leasing office while we used the net to try and plot Road Trip Number 2. We are torn in a lot of directions! Then we drove Jenny (our van who is currently communicating with us purely through non stop dinging and clicking via her door ajar light and cute little infuriating noise) to downtown Denver where we met up with other CouchSurfers to participate in a FREEZE (check it out or on's awesome)! At 3pm in the 16th Street Mall we all froze. We then walked back to Capitol Park and chatted about our feat. Now it is internet at the library (more plotting and scheming) and then I think Brazilian food for dinner with CSers!

The future is still uncertain,

Cara =)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Day whatever....33 maybe?

Hey Hey!

I am in Rocky Mountains! Off to Fort Collins and Denver! =)

Road trip number 2 looming on the horizon!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

And then there were 2....the trip ends!

So the road trip is over...for now! Time for some rest and relaxation!

Patrice left yesterday, the French gals the day before.

So now it is Ryan (a CSer from Detriot who joined us in Salt Lake City) and I. Today we went out to the Badlands National Park. It was beautiful. I thought it was nice when we arrived, it reminded me of the soft sedimentary rock and geology similar to Bryce and Grand Canyon. However, by the afternoon a combination of spectacular storm and white whipped clouds had rolled in, softening the light. The muted illumination enhanced the landscape. Ryan and I hiked a trail called the Notch Trail which he had done last time he was in the Badlands. It was unique for it's rope ladder. Walking through the landscape as the light shifted, feeling the cracked soil crunch beneath my boots, the Badlands seduced me. The view at the end of the trail overlooked a landscape that took my breath away and sent my camera shutter flying

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


We have arrived in South Dakota! Hooray!

The French gals left yesterday.

Patrice left today.

And the there were 2....and their awesome host Chris who is house sitting the most beautiful 'log cabin' I've ever experienced!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Day 19- Cody, Wyoming

Our Couch Surfing host Pat took us horse ridding with her niece!

Cowgirls out for our ride at Heart Moutain Trail, WY.
Laure on Oscar, Cara on Butthead and Laura on Bud.

Beautiful Bud and Moonpie.

My horse Butthead.

The view and our guide Pat!
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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Day 17- Gardiner, Montana

Hello all!

Yes, we have made it to Montanta. 4 States in 4 day! Ahh! Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana!

This is all for me now as I am outside the 'North Entrance Wash Tub' using their free internet (the girls did some washing today so we have access). However they are closed right now so Patrice and I are in the car with the dome lights on....we are like internet addicts...getting our fix, planning more of the trip. It's about 35F/1C outside so I am off!

Bye for now! xxx

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Day 12- Last day and night in Salt Lake City

Bar entry: Yes, you have to buy membership to Utah Bars so that you can enter, anywhere else they call it a cover charge....but this is Mormon territory.

The ladies (both Brian and Max have now left the road trip so we are only 4) and our CS hosts!

The Tabernacle Choir, one of the best choirs in the world and the oldest continous broadcats in the states. They were ethereal.

Cara went swimming! Yay for health! See the beautiful mountains in the background!
Ohhh Ahhh!

Onto Grand Tetons and Yellowstone! We have 3 new members:
Ryan the Couch surfing American from Detroit
Our Salt Lake hosts Lance and Steve and coming for the weekend with us!

So 7 in the van! AHHHH! All Aborad!

PS. I love Couch Surfing! Everyone is wonderful!