Monday, August 22, 2005

Hello Grand Canyon...Hello Mule?

Hi everyone! The Grand Canyon is beautiful! We have been really lucky with the weather! It is SO clear and the days are very warm while the nights are cool. Very much like Autumn. Today we went on mules with a guide down to Plateau Point. We were up at 6 to weigh in, register and complete orientation. Then we saddled up after a long boring talk on how to ride your mule (I’ve done some ridding so when someone explains to you in detail to pull the left rein if you want to go left you tend to get a bit bored). These mules are quite big. When picture muels you think small horse but these guys were horse size. I rode a bigger mule called Trinity who is a celebrity they tell me because she is on the front cover of their brocure. We rode for over 6 hours including lunch! Hence my bum is worse for wear! Plateau point was beautiful and from there you can look down and see the Colorado river. You can hear the river too which was really nice.

I think sometime it would be fun to work here over the summer. There are people working here from all around the world. Sounds fun except I doubt there is much of a night life/way to meet people. I would probably have to organize stuff….hummm….random events anyone!?!

P.S. All the tourists here are from Italy and France! It’s amazing! Every second tourist is French! That’s unexpected really considering the current political situation? You think?


Emily said...

Hello again,
Thanks for the email can have the whole camping thing i think i'm way too much of a comfort girl though i would love to see the bears...Las Vagas sounds a bit overwhelming, all that glitz and the glamour sounds fun but it doesn't sound like you would really want to stay there for too long...maybe just settle with watching the show?
I can't wait to see the pictures of the grand canyon and of Cara on a mule! And I suppose even politics won't stop people from travelling,which is a good thing at least something will keep us less estranged from one another...
Bai from Em

Anonymous said...

Hey Cara,

Sounds like the Grand Canyon is jsut amazing, cant wait for some pictures, I would love to go there some day (Ill just add it to my list). Im sure in time you'll forget how sore your bum got, and just remember the fantastic views you had.

Luv Rhiannon

inigo said...

Gday mate,
This is your long lost train buddy!!!
I see that you're having a shit time in the USA??? Hope that you remain to keep safe. Everything is great here and the West Coast Eagles are going to win the AFL premiership!! Woo hoo!! How's my mate 50 Cent??
P.S. my address is 8 Turnstone Crt Carrum Downs VIC 3201

Mr David said...

Hey there!

I want to see photo's of this Trinity! Most of the tourists I have met so far have been English or Australian! There were 40 French at the hostel but that doesn't count cos they all came together in a group....

Lots of love,


Clairess said...

hey honey!!!

I've been saying that a lot lately. I can't believe you rode a mule for six hours, are you insane??? i would have to seriously inspect every single inch of that horse before got me anywhere near it. I always assumed that you would have gone camping but bears!! there is a reason that bears are part of the "lions, tigers and bears, Oh My!!" mantra!!!

You sound like you are having the most awesomest time ever and I really wish that i was with you especially in Las Vegas! (You know that I would have taken that city to the cleaners)

Life is good here mum, dad and soph are back from Bali and are so brown. mum and me are fighting already. I guess 2 weeks isn't long enough. But enough with that, you don't want to hear about my problems.

I'll email you soon beauitful girl. love you so much and miss you even more but i just close my eyes and I'm wherever you are.