Sunday, August 07, 2005

Say Goodbye Dave *waves*

Today Dave, my Dad and I all traveled back to Berkeley. We met Dave's mate from Australia, Bec, and played in Berkeley a little until it was time to go home... = ( . Dave and Bec took BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit), which seems to work reasonably well except that there is no station out near my Dad...they started building one and then got distracted. So now they are both in San Jose, staying with Bec's uncle. I feel like we all still had a lot of things to do together but I guess I better get ready to go to the Grand Canyon and Europe after that.

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Mr David said...

*waves* it was extremely fun travelling with you Cara! I'm sorry that we have to say goodbye! I was very sad.... I hope you have an awesome time in the Grand Canyon! I will be in touch!
boooo booo!