Wednesday, August 03, 2005

San Fran- more fog!

Today's activities:
-Exploratorium: the museum of science, art and human perception (today was 'free day' so all the school groups and half of San Fran were there! It's a great way to get people involved. Our museums in Aus should get on the bandwagon! My favorite exhibition was 'The Nobel Prize-100 years' which was fascinating. What a great idea by Alfred Nobel and a wonderful thing to leave to the world! Also, there was a windy desert simulation with a fan blowing sand dunes so you could see the effects of erosion. How nerdy and sciencey!)
-Fisherman's Wharf (it's a very tourist orientated area. Bought different flavors of salt-water taffy! Yum. Peanut butter and cinnamon role were my favorites)
-Pier 39-to visit the seals (big tourist attraction and very cute!)- Sea Lion Cam on PIER 39 in San Francisco (may not work but you can see pictures)

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KENNY said...

Hello I'm finally entering a message on your blog site. hehe anyways how are you? COLD AY! haha :P err i don't know what else to write at the moment so i'll go away and think about it and i'll come back and write the rest :P hehe. luv lil'kenny xoxo