Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Sequoia...nature is rummaging through my garbage!

Alright, well Sequoia was beautiful! Great trees! My cousins Martin, Anthony and Kathaleen also came up which was a big surprise(they didn't even know where we were staying but drove around looking for the cars- it's amazing they found us becasue the park is HUGE)! The night we got there however it started raining at midnight. The storm (complete with thunder and lightening) moved right overhead of us, so we moved right to the car! Needless to say sleep wasn’t very successful and in the morning we lost 3 of our number. Ben (cousin), his girlfriend Haiette (she was French- great for practicing) and my grandmother left (granted their tent was no longer classified as on land- probably more swamp)! Our campsite (no. 84) was great because it was in a nice area on a hill and away from the other campers which means it was quite. Also, people wouldn't be trampling through your campsite at all odd hours looking for the bathroom! These are all the things you look for in a campsite. Although something we didn't count on was all the bears!!! In the end we decided our campsite was at the bottom of a regularly used bear trail! Talk about being at one with nature....while it is rummaging through your garbage! If you have done any camping in California you know that places with bears have bear lockers where you have to keep all your food, all the time as bears are active day and night and if they think that something smells or even looks like food or food packaging (eg: bears are known to go after aluminum cans even if they contain something like cleaner) they will rip into your car to get it! In Grizzly country you have to cook in different clothes to the ones you wear daily to avoid being eaten! So yeah, leaving Sequoia and not having to use horns in a can (loud noise = bears either run scared or bluff charge you) wasn't too hard but it was beautiful there!

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