Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cara has a fish! A betta fish!

The fish and the window

Look at my cute little Siamese Fighting fish! I picked him because he has pretty blue eyes and is very placid (some of my other potential fishes were 0pretty angry).

So I have an ironic fish, a placid angry fish.

PS. We haven't named him yet. So far he is 'Fish', 'the Colonel', 'Saturday' (that's when I bought him) and maybe 'Archimedes'.

PPS. Cara is learning photo shop! So easy when you know how! The how is the problem!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

SRJC Fall Semester begins

Today is the first day of the fall semester at the JC and at 10:30am I am off to Advanced photography to see if that's the class for me. This whole week, I am going to see what I classes I want to end up doing. I have signed up for a bunch. Photography, silk screening (I'm hoping to silk screen my photos) a singing ensemble, French, swimming, Ballroom dancing...we'll see.

This is a giant dumpster! Construction work with Clay and Craig.

Bye Bye CSer Max who is on a bike tour of California!

Classy Cara tries Brian's salmon!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Back from Trinity and feelin' good!

Hello All,

I have returned from a weekend at Trinity Lake and am feeling happy!

I am going to organize my coming semester at the SRJC which means: housing (Cara needs independence), a second job (my photography promotions is going well but a second all the same), selecting classes (classes which will allow me to develop a portfolio and get into Uni in Australia), a routine (can you imagine!)....etc.

Cara =)