Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Thank you Oxford dictionary of names =)

Cara ♀

20th-century coinage, from the Italian term of endearment cara 'beloved' or the Irish Gaelic vocabulary word cara 'friend'.


Kara ♀

Variant spelling of Cara.

So we need not be confused on which spelling to use People =) Ah ha! If only I had known this before. I could have been pompous and annoying about my name to all those haughty Karas!

when stomache bugs attack!

I will never complain again about the common cold! Never I say! And I also won't elaborate about what an externally uneventful but internally eventful weekend I had! But onwards and upwards...

Now, I am lifeguarding for the next 3 days,
sorting photos as usual (one day there will be none left I tell you),
reading a great new book!,
showing a CSer/ConFester/friend the beach tomorrow,
retail on Saturday,
house sitting in Cheltenham starting Friday
(pet free, big house all to myself- 1 quiet cat doesn't count as a pet when you live in a Zoo!),
and Sunday I will start doing Still Photography for a short film

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Patrick has returned from Yuko's wedding in Japan!

...and he had a wonderful time surrounded by food and hospitality.

CS Asian Dinner night at Andrew's.

Fun faces everyone!

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Sewing projects

Look Ma! Look what I made from recycling garments....

From a skirt to a handbag. Im going to add red buttons to the tops of the bows.

I also converted a baggy shapeless shirt into... a nicer one. It's purple. It's fun.

Daily disorganized life

Nothing too exciting happening. Daily disorganized life. Cheeky kitten, cold weather, ducted heating, over thinking, exercising, habit changing, chocolate eating, reading, procrastinating.

Slept in this morning as I had a migraine last night. I worked today at the pool and went for a workout in the gym afterwards so I feel great and tired which is wonderful. Now I am preparing to go to a CS Girls night I have planned in St Kilda. My car is piled with bags of clothes from a clothing exchange party a friend of mine took me too last Sunday so it will be nice to empty my car.

Girls night photos soon =)

CS Girls' Night



Hey ladies!

I want to share skills and info with one another!

I'd like to paint nails (I have paint I never use!), learn more about make up (a bit clueless really), make some recipes (see below), learn how to braid hair, mud mask...ya know, anything like that. We can share what we know how to do and help each other.

I have a great book with all kinds of natural recipes called 'Naturally Beautiful- earth's secrets and recipes for skin, body and spirit'. Right now I have covered my hair in olive oil trying to coax it into recovery after confest's interestingly fun!

PS. Patricipating men will have their nails (can be toes) painted =)