Monday, August 08, 2005

Shopping for essentials in San Fran

Today I went shopping for things that I need for Europe. I got lots of not very exciting essential stuff like floss, luggage locks, hair ties, French tapes....that sorta thing. I also looked at backpacks and I think I found the one that I want. The Kelty Coyote 4750 is pretty big (even tough the web sites say good for weekends that's rubbish because this is one of the biggest packs sold at some stores) and it fit really really well.


Anonymous said...

Hey Cara,

The backpack looks good, as long as it fits everything and is comfortable, and isnt too expensive you cant go too wrong. It looks like it has a detachable day pack??, which can be really useful when your travelling


Anonymous said...

hey cara, it was nice to meet you and i know jenny really loved seeing you. I hope you have great travels in the times to come over the next year. pleasure to meet you. -chris (jenny's boyfriend)

Anonymous said...

cara, it was so wonderful seeing you again. it really brought back so much. im sorry we did not keep in touch over the last, what 10 years. i feel so bad i did not bring pictures but when you are home and you can read your e-mails easyer i will send you lots of photos. i obviously have the internet now so once i get an e-mail address i will send it to you and we will stay in touch. i love you and write me back some time i will be checking. love jenny