Sunday, August 28, 2005

Day 2 in the big apple!

Gigi and I boarding our ferry!

Here I am with some of New York city behind me!

This is the Great Hall in the Ellis Island main building where some 12 million immigrants were processed from 1892-1954.

Gigi and I at the Statue of Liberty!

Hi guys! Today I drove with Gigi on the New Jersey Turnpike to Liberty State Park! We took the Circleline Ferry to Ellis Island and then to the lady of liberty herself! Surprisingly, Ellis Island was the highlight of the trip. The museum and information in that building was amazing! I LOVED the photos taken of the immigrants when they arrived. They are in their traditional grab which I find fascinating! The photos were my favourite, they were well taken and some of their eyes are just hauntingly real! My Mum says that on her side of the family my grandfather's great grandfather came through Ellis Island. They were Irish that fled the great Potato famine. So this is part of my family history!
I liked this quote (for you Kris): I saw this man coming forward and he was beautiful. I didn't know he was my father...later on I realised why he looked so familiar to me. He looked exactly like I did....but that’s when I met him for the first time and I fell in love with him and he with me-Katherine Beychok, Russian Jewish Immigrant, 1910, interviewed 1985.

In the evening we ate dinner and watched the MTV music awards because Jeanna's (my friend from when I was little) boyfreind is the bass player in 'My Chemical Romance' which was nominated for heaps of awards....good on ya mate!


kristel said...

love that quote! i love you and miss u so much mon cher!

Anonymous said...

Hey Cara,

Love the pictures, NY sounds like a crazy place, its just as well they have the streets numbered or everyone would get lost!!!

Your just like a typical tourist, rushing from one place to the next, always busy doing something-it almost sounds like it will be like a holiday when you get to France and go to uni

Miss ya heaps

Luv Rhianno

Blue said...

Ello mon ami,

You know I had a funny thought looking at all these photos - you're like the garden gnome that was in Amelie travelling around the world. Yes...I am strange, but of course you know that.

I couldn't imagine going to New York...I've seen it so many times in movies that it seems more like a fictional place to me. If I went there I'd probably feel like I was stepping into a movie.

Good to hear you're having fun. Hope you manage to organise Europe, but knowing you, you will get it all figured out in the last seconds!

Clay said...

Wow!!! You have seen New york and Lady Liberty!!! It looks like you are having a real good time!!! It is great that your hosts can spend some time with you!!! I really enjoyed the time that we had to spend in the southwest. We saw a lot, I wish that it could have lasted longer! What is in the Met???

Dave's Dad said...


What a fantastic trip and the photos are superb. My sons getting some sleep now he is in Miami sounds like you are still burning the candle both ends. Keep it up and enjoy.

Love Frank.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cara !!

Well the big apple sounds positively munchy. You are really being shown the traps and it sounds bloody marvellous mate !!!

You'll be pleased to know that i am doing serious work on Jan's accent and she should be able to pronounce several new words with an aussie accent by the time you get back.
Glad to hear that you have somewhere to rest your weary lil head when you arrive in Lyon.

The pics and desciptions of your trip are great - keep up the good work. Your friends in NY sound lovely and very generous. I hope we get a chance to meet them one day.
Keep havin fun til the serious work starts at uni .... of course that could be a lot of fun too.

Btw only 2 days till the post office is sold but who's countin..mmmm sleep in and no work on saturday morning - can i handle it??? I think so.

Miss you, luv

Cara Bradley said...

I miss you too KRIS! Lots! RHIANNON, you are too right mate (how Aussie is that) France will be like a holiday from my holiday. Not running around crazy! How is uni for you matie? BLUE, you will be glad to know I have now booked accmodation in France at a Youth hostel so no not the last seonds but hahaha, you know me SO well! It does feel like you are stepping into a movie. Last blog I listed some that I thought of. DADDY, In the Metropolitan Museum of Art are acouple of Monet's waterlilies, 4 Vermmers, Van Goughs, currently a Matisse exhibition, Modern Art on the rooftop by Sol LeWitt and lots more! FRANK, the candle is burnt, melted and has left a charred spot on the table by now! PATTY, thanks for the long comment. The traps lol! What words are u teaching Jan? My friends ARE wonderful here! Congrats on the Post Office sale! YAY for you in the words Kristel stole from her nursing freind!

kristel said...

yay for you, Patrick!! =)

clairess said...

quickest message in histroy because class started 2 minutes ago.The photo's were fantastic. miss you heaps and check your email because i spent most of my lunch hour wiring you an email. NY sounds incredible and if you don't see a Broadway or even an off-Broadway play you are no longer my friend.

Claire bear

Cara Bradley said...

I saw bands! Does that count! I am only here for 6 days and hey lets face it..on the start of my trip means on a tight budget! If have money left over in Thailand I'll see one there okay? lol