Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Sequoia pictures

Cresent meadow: Sequoia is full of beautiful meadows like this one. These areas used to be lakes and now the forest will creep in until they are wooded.

The General Sherman Tree: it is supposed to be the largest living thing however I dispute that having done way too much science I am sure there is a moss somehwere or those trees in India that cover football fields worth of land right guys?

A 'boat bug': in the water in the middle of the meadow (you can cross the Cresent Meadow meadow on a huge fallen tree). Nice photography!

Moro rock: a highlight of Sequoia and great views of the park! With less pollution appaently they used to be stunning! I may be over the barriers in this photo!

Lovely! Peaceful! Serene...bear!


Mr David said...

argh bear!

boooo booo!

Anonymous said...


Where's the picture of your bear!!!

Love you sitting on the rock, while im sure your not technically supposed to be there, its probably the best place to see the view, an you look like your taking full advantage of it-you go girl

Luv Rhiannon