Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Goodbye America

Goodbye America,
I had lots of fun while I was here. My family lives here and I enjoyed seeing them. There are places with stunning natural beauty (Grand Canyon) here and some amazing, if unnatural cities, (New York). But I think I have grasped the 2 basic problems here. Everything is so cheap and therefore abundant that it is insane therefore people buy too much (and give to little) and eat too much (hence the obesity). Also, life is faster here and everyone is driven to succeed and told that they have to be the best. Well, everyone can't be the best because then there would be NO best! Get it? SO yeah, it introduces this competitive element where people don't help others either because they are too busy helping themselves or they don't want to help the other person because they don't want them to succeed and take their place or something they feel they were owed! This means that people spend way too little time with their famillies because they are trying to achieve the best which produces dysfunctional relationships and children making society's future dim here.


Emily said...

Hi Cara,

I agree completly with what you said but just watch a little less Oprah, ok?

Whats scary, is we arent too far away from the American way of life ourselves, we need to take a step back and see what we are eating and cut back and also remember to be our own best, no one elses! Just because one person can do something, doesn't mean we all should!

Like i said i agree completly but i'm glad you had a good time, it sounds like a cool place to be, only if your just visiting!!

Hugs from EM

Mr David said...

I certainly agree with you about the price of goods in America. Everything is so cheap that no-one actually values anything!
No-one seems to care about recycling or even reducing their use of plastic... (Florida unlike California still uses plastic bags you would be shattered to know Cara) The trend here is to throw out and replace rather than fix or reuse.

Also I hear what you're saying about the obeseity problem! I've been trying to be good and buy my own fresh food but it doesn't work out that much cheaper than buying restaraunt meals! Plus every restaraunt I have been to here has burgers........

that's never good!

Cara's Mom & Pat said...

Which is why your mother brought you half way across the earth to the beautiful and fine, happy and gentle country called Australia. Where you can make friends with pratically everyone, laugh with strangers in the Q at the market, walk safely to the beach and dive off the 'no diving' spot on the pier, without fear of gangs or guns.

While it may appear parts of Oz are following in the footsteps of yankee insanity, trust me (!)...Australia is decades away from such a fate. Plenty of time to learn from the mistakes made in America and keep Aussie family values intact and kids safe from the weird and destructive American being skinny (guys hate that!) work-alcoholism, violence, obscene materialism. Thank-you John Howard (you conservative right-winger) for taking away the guns.

After you see the world, Australia is a pretty awesome place to come home to. We LOVE you mimi. Be safe.
Love, your lonley mum
& Pat

kristel said...

thank god that we live in australia! yay for us!

mon ami today i was a real aussie and dressed up as a bogan, for a presentation.. so i just wore normal

i kno u must be sad to leave everyone but think of all the adventures u will have in FRANCE!!

u will always have ur family chook! ur not like dory u remember where and who they are: "it runs in the family, at least i think it does...... where are they"!!!


kris =)

Anonymous said...

I can't compare America to anywhere else since I have always lived here in California and have never travelled (I guess I will just have to come and visit you in Aus. so I can do so).
I must say the food thing all depends on where you go. I have been told that I eat like a bird and so when I eat out I either get a half portion of salad or something smaller... so I know that is an option. There are a lot of obese people, which in part has to do with over eating, but the majority is because of laziness. People spend more time on the computer and less time going to visit others, use cars even if they are just going down the street and spend too much time infront of the TV.

"life is faster here"... I will also have to disagree with. That can be true of the cities, like LA and San Fransico, but not everywhere. I don't really feel the need to be competitive or the best. The majority of people that I spend time with are very helpful and giving. And I plan on being a teacher and so hopefully I will be able to help others succeed in life.
So I must correct you and say that there are a good amount of people in America who tend to fit your disciption, but that doesn't discribe America as a whole. In fact I think that would be nearly impossible to do since the U.S is so diverse, more so then anywhere else and so we have so many cultures trying to co-exist.

Anyways, now that I gave my input, I hope that you are having a GREAT trip still and that you have the opportunity to catch up on your sleep. Don't wear yourself out. Take care.
Your Cali friend,

Anonymous said...

Amen to Julia's comments. America
is an awesome place to live and visit. I guess that is why so many
people come here. You will find
good and bad EVERYWHERE you go.

Cara Bradley said...

'Be our own best'... Emmy that is the best thing that I've heard anyone say in a long time! 'No-one actually values anything'...that's exactly what i mean Dave! Too right mate! Yes, Mother you are wise! YAY for us Kris! Couldn't agree more. Hi to Julia... yes, it is true that the USA is diverse. Sign your names anonymouses! lol