Thursday, May 05, 2011

Girls night photos!

The girls party was amazing! I was so happy and elated to have my house full of wonderful women both friends and new faces! So many new faces! I will upload photos soon! The night kicked off slowly with ladies trickling in and food being prepared and sampled in my cosy and bright 3rd storey kitchen...slowly that is until garbage bags of clothes were unleashed all over the living room. Shirts came off & the party was in full swing including three fellas who were trying on clothes with the ladies and I must say they came up with some fetching combinations!

Girls Night/Clothing Exchange Party, May 13th =)

Hey ladies and men who would like painted toes,

I am having a clothing exchange party/girls night next Friday, May
13th at 7pm. It us at my new house so if you didnt make it to the
housewarming come have a look: 32 Abbotsford St, West Melbourne.

I would love to see you there. Further information about what to bring
and the idea is below. Ladies are already offering up skills! This
party will be in honor of my friend Rachel as she hosted the last
parties I had and we were planning to have a girls night together in
my new place. So now, we will have a great time in her honor! I would
love it if you came or even stopped by so we could catch up. Life is
too short to not see each other.


-Clothes, jewelry, anything (the ones you never wear or have enjoyed
but would like to find another home).
-Beauty suppli
-Nibbles or a dish to share
-A gold coin if we buy ingredients for some creations.

-Tram 57 leaves from Melbourne Central or Flinders St on Elizabeth St.
It turns at the Vic Market. Get off at Eroll and Victoria and walk 5
-Any TRAINS that go to the west go through North Melbourne station! My
house is a 2min walk from that station (Upfield, Craigieburn, Melton,
Sunbury, Weribee, Williamstown lines

If you missed the last event, here is the concept:
Beauty supplies: raid your cupboards and those of your friends, see
what you can bring to share! Nail paint/varnish + remover,products,
make up, curling iron, straightener, SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE TO SHARE.

CLOTHES/ JEWELRY/PRODUCTS (anything) TO SWAP! The idea is you pile
everything into the middle and everyone tries on what they like and
somehow we decide who gets what, nicely, usually by fit/look.

I'd like to paint nails (I have paint I never use anymore!), learn
more about make up (a bit clueless really), make some recipes from a
beauty book (I will buy ingredience and we can all put in $2 or
something), learn how to braid hair, mud mask...ya know, anything like
that. We can share what we know how to do and help each other. Hair
cuts are on offer apparently.

MEN- Beware you may end up nail painted!