Monday, August 22, 2005

Grand Canyon pics

Hey there, nice Canyon!

When you explore the South rim of the Grand Canyon this is the last stop on the free shuttle buses that run up and down (great idea for the environment!) to carry all the tourists. I went back later and bought my Dad a t-shirt here as a surprise and gave it to him when I said goodbye at the airport! He loved it!

This is the view from our destination on the muel ride...Plateau point

Look at us in our compulsary wide bimmed hats and our sunglasses and cameras had to be tied around our necks ! Cowboys...well, cowboy and girl. Cowpeople? lol. Politically correct?

It's me and the muels! YAY! (sore bum/legs). The trail we came down is behind us on that mtn face! Wow!


Mr David said...

nice photo's! very cowgirl of you, or should that be mule-girl?

Looks nice and warm, like NY probably will be too! except there will be taxis instead of mules.

Lots of love,


Anonymous said...

Hey you,

It looks like they're trying to turn you into an American, with the clothes and hat, you could fit right in!!

The Canyon looks amazing, im sure it was well worth the sore bum/legs to see it.

Luv Rhiannon