Wednesday, August 31, 2005

NY-Last day before I fly out!


Fish anyone?

No fish? Okay, how about an Asian Pear?


Okay then, come on...Giant Cheese?

Look at these buildings!

And these! SO New York!

Today Jeanna and I went back to Manhattan to see Little Italy, China Town Soho (South of Houston) and other areas of they city that I've missed. We bought an asian pear (tastes like an apple crossed with a pear) in china town to munch on, bought shakes for lunch and then went home via the Path train to make dinner as a Thank you to Jeanna's parents for having me stay. When we went to the store I bought some food for my trip tomorrow. Tired....need rest. I figured out something about myself. I can pull all-nighters and stay up way above and beyond the call of duty (and the call of most people)...but not for 2 months! Your body starts resisting...bugger!


anna said...

Cara !!! it's anna from Austria here ! I am so excited that I found your blog !
I am back from Japan, but I am flying to Japan again next week, this time only for 3 weeks...
I will be looking in here every day from now on to keep myself up-to-date ...:-)
travel safe
and have fun dear Cara
and I hope to see you soon !

Anonymous said...

Hi Cara!

YAY more pictures, those buidlding remind me mostly of Friends, i always thought it would be cool to live in apartment buidlings like that...dont know why...

Manahattan looks very markety...who was going to eat all that cheese and why? Are those asian pears similar to the Nashi pears? Those are my favourite types of pears.

Well hope you rest up well for France, sounds like you really need it, and deserve it!

Hugs from Em

kristel said...

hello lovely..


how is FRANCE? how exciting! should we all speak in french for the rest of ur blog?! lol..

good luck with uni chook.. i hope that france is everything u have dreamed and hoped for.

i love u and miss u heaps..

melbourne is just not the same without u!

love kris =) xo

Anonymous said...

Bonjour cara!!
Its set in concrete. I'll be in europe in january. So check your email for details and email me back so we can start to organise dates and places we can meet.
Love you, miss you and can't wait to join you in europe!

Patrick said...

Hey Cara, Its Patrick!!! Glad to hear u are having a wicked time overseas... I am too!! back from Denmark and in the UK now... Start uni here on the 16th September... anywho.. my UK mobile number is 07871092286 and blog is look forward to talking to ya soon.. and visiting ya in france.. Ciao!!! Patrick Foxley

patrick said...

oops... website is

Claire said...

hey beautiful,

New York sounds incredible!!! It's just like you to find some awesome underground band that nobody has ever heard of and i garantee they'll be massive in like a year and you'll be going, "Well, i was into them in 2005"

Hope your settling in France okay and give your body some time to rest so you don't get to sick. I loved your observations about America and hopefully next year we will able to have a bib philosophical discussion because plans are underway for my own trip to a place called Frenchwoods PA camp just outside New York. I can't wait.

Miss you heaps darling girl but love you even more.

Claire bear

Blue said...

Hey Cara,

I think we're all waiting for a France update here....Nudge nudge. I've only been hearing rumours of what you're up to so I hope everything's okay with where you're staying now. And if anyone's mean to you I suggest you beat them with a bread roll ;D.

Anonymous said...


Hope you're studying hard by now, like the rest of us poor souls who are at uni!!!!
Now that you're in France hopefully you'll finally get some rest after all the running around you have done over the last 2 months.

you're coments about America sound so true from what I hear, how lucky are we that we live in good 'ol Oz-yay for us.

Luv Rhiannon