Friday, August 05, 2005

Lazy San Fran

Hello! Today and yesterday have been lazy days! I am hunting for a backpack for Europe (they all look too small or don't have wheels or don't have straps and I don't really know what will be best in the long run! I'll have to decide soon else carry all my stuff). I've been working on my Dad's house a bit. Reorganising some things to make more space and sanding redwood beams in the backyard with a belt sander (Cara loves power tools), making them beautiful and then coating them with a sealer/stain. I am now in love with my redwood posts! My life is complete. xox. Tonight is my dinner at Mary's Pizza with all of my long lost childhood and family friends! I'm taking photos of all you guys (my friends/family) to show them!


PAPA said...

Sounda like you are having a great time.
NONIE and I will keep in touch.
Thanks for the note on my cell



Anonymous said...

Hello Cara,

I never knew you had such an affinity for power tools ! My drill, planner and workbench await you upon your return to our fair shores.
Sounds like you have been having a great time and we have been hearing your voice on the answer machine but never seem to be there when you call.
Good luck with the backpack selection.


Mr David said...

Hi Cara,

OUR posts are very beautiful! you did a very good job! hope you are just as constructive without me there to help (probably much more!)
Watch the rest of Northern Exposure!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sweety,

Whatever backpack you choose, you will wish 2 weeks later that you really should have got another one that either does or doesnt have some feature. Good luck finding one that you will find the least problems with.

Such an industrius person you seem to be, I never knew you were so keen on such loud, dirty and sometimes dangerous tools, but then again the things you do never surprise me!!!

Keep on having fun

Luv Rhiannon

Claire said...

Hey beautiful,

I want to be with you, not stuck in boring melbourne that has rained non stop forever (okay maybe just today but it feels like it)and I wouldn't be writing up character descriptions at 11pm for the musical I'm writing for Drama. Yes, an actual proper musical with song and dance numbers!!! I have seriously bitten off more than i can chew. In fact it doesn't fit in my mouth!!

I start teching rounds next week at Mentone Girls Grammer. Pretty excited. Mum, dad and sophie are in Bali and having a fantastic time. Much like yourself my dear girl, congrats on the power tools, last time I used a power tool i almost took off my thumb!!!

Have heaps of fun, be loud, proud and most importantly silly.

Love you so much

Claire bear

Anonymous said...

wow, long post.

I should really learn to concise my words.


Cara Bradley said...

YAY! Thank you all for leaving comments! Thanks for the offer Patty may take you up on that one later. Hi Dave who is so far away! Thanks for the backpack advice Rhiannon...tell me what you think about the bag that I'm looking at now. Hi beautiful Claire....a musical huh? Good work and Good Luck! You can do it! You always think you have bitten off too much but never fear...I think every time you accomplish the impossible!