Thursday, June 30, 2005

Honolulu- I am here! *jumps up and down*

Hey guys! I am In Honolulu on the island of Ohau in Hawaii! It's June 30 for me...again! My blog is slightly confused about that one! It is so HOT here! I'm at a loss of what to do with myself becasue for the first time in my life I am FREE!!!!! I don't have anyone to hang out with yet or to plan things to do with me (advantage or disadvantage of travelling alone) and I don't have to do uni work! No study! It feels really odd! I guess I will have to try really hard to get used to! I went for a walk as soon as I got here this afternoon and could see tropical fish in the water right off the pier. I also when shopping at the 'Food Pantry'. I bought all kinds of healthy stuff that dosen't cost too much! Shreaded Wheat cereal for breakfast beacsue it is the only thing here that doesn't have high fructose corn syrup in it! Okay...and it was on sale! Wow! I fell responsible!

Nandi here I come...unexpected surprise!

Hey ya! Still here and was just informed that we have to stop on our way to Hawaii due to the severe weather conditions here in Sydney! Ha! Hate to see it snowing! It's only a bit of water...must be a large bit though becasue we have to use the shorter run way and therefore need to refuel in Nandi! Where the? lol I suspect Figi?...sounds fun! "Go with the flow, roll with the times" says I! Sounds exotic...oh how exotic an airport can be! It means that the flight will be delayed by about an hour and a half and I will arive in Honolulu at 11am on Thurs instead of 9:30am. 'Oh well, it's all good!'. Cool Calm, Collected, Confident, Cara. Bye =)

Hi from Sydney Airport!!!!

Hey everybody! I have just started my trip and am in transit as we speak! I have just flown domestically from Melbourne to Sydney (sat next to a very nice investment banker named Fraser! Hi!) After that, I took the airport bus from the domestic to the international terminal. The weather here is nasty...but I don't care becasue I am going to Hawaii! Aloah! There is free internet by my gate! How awesome! Go Australia! My flight (QF 3) to Honolulu is boarding at Gate 9! I bought head phones in the duty free shop and am SO happy that I can fall asleep to my music (dodgy headphones = ouchie ears!). LESSON: Next time remember to take Australian money even if you don't think that you will use it! I took all mine out of my wallet and had to do back flips to buy these headphones duty free!

Bye for now! A BIG thank you to everyone (Dave, Kenny, Kris + Steve, Julia, Claire, Blue plus Mum, Patrick and Gigi) for coming to see me off at the enrich my life.

Love you all, Cara =)

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Going, going.......


it is exactly 19 hours, until little miss cara leaves dreary cold melbourne to depart for wonderfully warm HAWAII! yay for her!

she leaves at 3.30pm.. and arrives in Hawaii at 9.30am...

she will keep u updated on her travels!

love kristel (on behalf of cara, as she frantically shoves stuff into her suitcase!!)

i love u mon ami! :)

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Leavin' soon!

Hi everyone! Leaving soon! Organising my going away party at the lounge, vaccines + doc appointments, silly french visa, work experience in medical imaging/radiology for June 24th 27th (I know I don't have the time but the opportunity arose and...'Cease the day!') and studying for my Immunology exam! The fact that I'm leaving isn't sinking in yet! Everyone keeps asking me if I am excited or nervous and I am just too busy! Too many things on! Suddenly I am going to end up on a beach in Hawaii and not know how I got there! Lisa from uni wrote me an email which I loved and I have included a bit here. I can't believe we have just become good friends this year. Feels like I've known her and Michelle (also from uni) for ages: "Hey crazy girl!I honestly can't believe your leaving michelle and I to deal
with our final semester without you!! And I can't believe I
won't see you for 12 months... do you know how sad that makes
me? Just know uni will not be the same without you but i do
realise this is one of those once in a lifetime opportunities
that i know you will make the most of."

Friday, June 10, 2005

20 days to departure!

Got a tetnus shot and first of 3 for Hep A and B! More to come!