Saturday, August 06, 2005

A friendly dinner in San Fran

Hi guys! My dinner last night was a big success! My friends Jenny (plus her boyfriend Chris), Lesley (plus her boyfriend Curtis), Gina and Julia all came to dinner as well as my Mum’s friend Stephanie with her 2 kids. We had pizza and talked a lot. I brought along some squeezable vegemite and tried to convince all of them to move to Australia (or to visit ASAP….okay, in a year when I get back!). The vegemite didn’t help, they decided it tasted like crushed up/liquid vitamins! lol. After dinner, Julia Gina and I went back to Gina’s apartment and I met lots of her friends. Stayed late and reminisced about the old days with some fellow Mark West Elementary School pupils.
I feel really fortunate after talking with my friends. One had cancer, another a mum in rehab, another who dislikes her family and another who’s Mum died of cancer a couple of years ago. Remember that whatever seems to be going wrong in your life and the trials and tribulations of Uni/work etc are nothing compared to any of these things. I think that my friends are very strong people to have endured these things.

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Sounds like you had a great time catching up with your old friends. They dont know what they're missing out on with the vegemite!!