Saturday, August 20, 2005

Say hi to Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon

Just got to the Grand Canyon last night! We drove from Las Vegas, stopped by Hoover Dam and took a tour, stopped in Williams for groceries (that lil' town was going off on a Friday seriously it was!) and got to Angel Bright Lodge where we checked into our cabin on the Grand Canyon's South Rim (the best place to be)! We will be here for 4 nights and tomorrow we are going on the (there is only one in the whole canyon) mule ride down into the canyon! Gotta go get out there and see it instead of sitting in the 'Grand Canyon Community Library'! That's right, I have joined another library! Photos coming as soon as I can find some way to get them on here!


Anonymous said...

Hey you,

Cant wait for the photos, the camping sounds like fun, but I dont know about the bears, I think I would be glad to get away from them too.

Las Vagus sounds interesting, so much money around, being lost.

Have fun on your mule ride, it sounds interesting

Luv Rhiannon

Mr David said...

Hey Cara!

Glad to hear that you are having fun! Everyone I have met in Miami who has been travelling to Las Vegas says it's great! Disneyland for adults they said. They also all loved New York so I can't wait to get there!!

Going to buy some real food today (fruit). Too much crap food!


Cara's Mom & Pat said...

Looking forward to your review of the mule ride. After 25 years of pissing on the same trail....they say even the mules have to hold their noses on the way down! Good luck!!

Cara Bradley said...

See next entry for MORE mule info Rhiannon. The trail smelled fine thank you Mother! Here here Dave to good food! My mouth is watering for a salad everyone! A salad that consists off more then lettuce, carrots and a tomato That's how bad it is!

JayJay said... that the goddamn?