Thursday, November 08, 2012

Yes, No. No, Yes there re no posts! ReFab is consuming ALL of my time! For those of you who don't know:

I am in the middle of Market Feasibility research!
I made a film, I won a competition for Social Enterprise (like non profit) and here we are!

I am starting a Centre for Recycled Textiles!I made a 5 minute survey and will be giving away 2 MOVIE TICKETS! I would love to have your opinion and that of your friends! Please share with like minded people- Crafters, Artisans, Mums (Dads!), Hipsters, People who want to learn!Help the environment! Help people with disabilities! Take the survey!Help the environment! Help people with disabilities! Take the survey!

Please pass it on and feel free to post it on your facebook if you are so inclined!

Sunday, November 04, 2012

A Sunday for bike ridding!

Here is the intrepid crew who got up and were on bikes by 8:30am! Myself, Sarah, Dave and my Couch Surfing couple Martin and Schefkei (from German and Kosovo) rode from West Melbourne to Federation Square in the city where we met more cyclists and rode along the Yarra to Lentil as Anything for breakfast! Living in ones own city you often do not see I have never been to Lentils for breakfast nor have I ridden along the Yarra trail! It was beautiful! Wonderful food as a reward and great company.

After Lentils, we were off! To a local park for a HUGE Couchsurfing picnic where I got to catch up with many CS friends I have not seen since I was away. We had some snacks and chatted and then I rode home with Sarah and a NZ CSer to prepare for my UGLY Jumper Party!

We rode 25km in all! =) Love it! Love biking!