Thursday, March 30, 2006

Old Photos!

See loooook! My finger is all better now! Isn't the body an amazing thing!


Anonymous said...

You my dear are insane!! See you were meant to be a medical biologist. And I bet you can tell me what cells help prevent you from getting a nasty infection there too. Can't wait for you to get back. Honours sucks. I get here at 8 and don't leave til 7. Oh what a life! I would actually give anything to be back overseas. Hope your well, write some more stiff in your blog!!

Julia said...

Hey Cara,
Glad your finger is better. How are things going? Any exciting new stories to share?
I really have nothing exciting to share. Life is crazy around my house with my cousins living here. There is never a quiet moment. I think I am getting sick again, so that is annoying. School is keeping me busy. I think that is about it. Well, take care. Keep in touch.
Your Cali friend,

Anonymous said...

i'm with lisa! ur such a geek to put a photo of ur healing finger on ur website and be amazed.. how could u NOT do med??!! :)

michelle xx