Saturday, March 18, 2006

Back to Valencia!

Hey everybody! So I am off to Valencia to participate in the festival Las Falles even thought I don't have accmodation becasue you had to book months and month ago thanks to the biggest festival in Spain! The population of Valencia increases from 4,000 to 4 million for the event which is like a huge street party with parades. The main spectacle is the giant float like creations that they build and then set on fire on Sunday night. Then spend the whole year building close to 400 of them, 2 for each Falles house (a Falles house is like a suburb). So my possey and I are now going. The group consists of Ryan (Oregon), Sean (USA but studying in London), Tony (Arizona) and Stephanie (Arizona). So we are off today on a bus we hope! YAY! Then it´s back to Barcelona and then I fly to Rome to meet my Dad! More YAY!

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Daddy said...

Wow! I hope that you do not have to sleep in a tent or something. Take Pictures! What is the parade for?