Thursday, March 09, 2006

Barcelona Ole!

Hi guys! I am in Barcelona on Spain´s east coast!!!!!!

Okay, so I have obvoiously never seen photos of this place. I had no idea what to expect so I expect nothing and the city is amazing! It is huge! I arrived yesterday and came to Centric point hostel which is nice and new and in the midlle of the city! It has really big windows which look out on the street called Passeig de Gracie and like 2 doors up from me is the Gaudie house!

So my plane got here at 1:30 in the afternoon. I came to the hostel and should have gone to bed seeing as I pulled an all nighter packing (and having dinner with Joel...yeah, dinnerand wine and cider and gelato!) but instead you have to be in it to win it so I got out there and wandered the streets of Barcelona while it was still light! In my wandering I have discovered that Barcelona is full of great shops with beautiful clothes and jewellery and bakeries or chocoloteries to make your mouth water ten times over! I went and ate a hot chocolate (liquid chocolate) with churos as is traditional, bought a pair of earrings (hey what can I say. Its the only thing I can carry and afford to buy!) and then went and saw the Gaudie house. I was a bit hesistant to pay to go inside beacasue it is expensivebut I bit the bullet and went on in and I am so glad! An amazing house and very well done. Gaudie was an architect/designer ahead of his time who remodeled this house. It only´took him 2 years which is pretty incredible considering the work done and he did it without plans (only a model and himslef)! Sounds like mykind of thang! So I went and wandered aound there for a long time. I went back to the hostel because I booked a Tapis night throught the hostel. We went to a Tapis bar which means that there are lots of plates with decorated baguette slices. Decorated with cheese and vegetables and meat, fish was prtty popular too. We got to choose five and then went to a club to see a flaminco show. It was nice, a band and the first people of dance were 2 guys. Pretty incredible and very different culture. I liked it a lot. They took great pride and pleasure in what they were doing and the Spanish audience was very appreciative...clapping and cheering and wooooing! Then we went to 2 bars and by this time I was dying to go to bed!

So now I am eating breakfast. Its provided by the hostel and is GREAT! Fruit, cereal, muffins, juice....yum! And now I have to go beacsue I am going with one of the girls from last night to see the city. She is going down to the water and that is where the city centre is so I am jumping on the bandwagon and going! Bye guys! Photos soon.....this place has the internet so if I manage to get it again pics no prob!


Anonymous said...

Hey Cara,
You are becoming quite the world traveller!
Anne and I are going to be in Paris May 10th through May 16th and then in Amsterdam until May 19th.
Will you be travelling around with your Dad around then?


Anonymous said...


Barcelona sounds fantastic. I cant wait to see some photos when you put them up.

I start at the comm games tonight, so thailand my be a bit slow, but iwill let you know when i find out about the malaria etc. i will get you malaria tables too if u want, as it may be more difficult for you to get them, but i will find out wat they say about them


Cara Bradley said...

Hey Lew! My Dad flys home on the 18th of April so by May Ill be travellling anywhere again! Hey Rhiannon, Congrats for work! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi honey!

Wow Spain that is so cool! It sounds like heaps and heaps of fun and it can go on my to do list!!

I will be in London on the 24th of March (so soooon!!) and will be staying with my cousin Kates friend for a few days (or until i find somewhere more permanent) and of course i will be getting a job probably temporary because i have barely enough money to get myself over there!!

If you want to come and stay that would be fine if i get my own room and we can do some more of UK and catch up!!