Thursday, March 02, 2006

Cara is in Venice

So I travelled from Torino to Venice with Mark and now we are staying in a....wait for start hotel....with a GREAT location! Venice is incredible! I just had no idea about the canals and all that jazz. And Italian bakeries are amazing. Everything is so different and looks so good so of course I want to try ti all!!!!


kristel said...

hello my lovely..
ow to ur finger! looks terrible.. the stitches look bad too.. i think i could have done a better job! and im only a second year nurse.. lol
anyway my mobile number is 0403 88 35 44.. if u need it for future references!
dont call my house as im moving out of home! march 15!!!
love u
love kris

Emily said...

Hi Cara!

Wow your in Venice! Thats really cool they apparently have the best gelati (i saw you all had ice cream in the pictures is it true?)

Your poor poor finger looks very sore! Look after it those bars can be very hazardous (i spent a lot of time with wet hands which leaves them more vunerable to cuts etc)

I'm going to be in London on the 25th March if you find yourself with nowhere much to go or you just want to visit Emily!

Take care honey!
Love EM

Mr David said...

yaaaaaaayyyy photos!

Sestriere looked like a lot of fun on the tv.... is Sestriere like the mountain town and Turin is the major town at the bottom of the hill??

Anonymous said...

Hey you,

I hope your finger is getting better it really looks bad-hopefully it looks worse than it actually is.

Check your email coz i have sent you an email about Thailand, i am coming and need to work out dates with you so i can book my airfair and get my injections etc.

i love the photos, it looks so cold, i dont know how you can not find it cold.

I would love to go to Venice, it looks like such a lovely place, a fantastic spot to go rambling.

Hear from you soon


Anonymous said...

Yes, addresses in Melbourne. Mais fais vite, parce que mon copain quitte le 6 mars, après ce sera plus difficile de le contacter pour avoir des adresses! :-)

Have a nice day!

Blue said...

Finally we actually get some photos ;].

Thanks for the call and the msg, sorry I wasn't actually here to talk to you :[, but it was good to hear your voice. Venice looks amazing. Sestriere also looks nice, though cold.

The bakery photo has made me hungry...

Cara Bradley said...

Hi my lovely Kris! Moving out! What the! YAY for you! Emmy! Tell me your plans for London. My Dad is coming to viti and will fly out of London around mid April so I will be there so we can meet up my lovely! Best gelato is RIGHT! SOOOO Goood! Finger is actually one piece now so thats good!Davey baby...Sestriere is at the top of the mtn and Turin was once the capital of Italy and is at the bottom the mountain and then some. Rhiannon! YAYAY for coming to Thailand! We will organise man! Venice was great to wander....incredible! Blue...Sestriere was cold and the bakeries are better then I could imagine and I nthink I am trying to patronise eveyone in Venice! Cara is going on a mega diet when she gets back! Exercise and eat right!