Saturday, April 01, 2006

Back in France again!

Hey all! I am sorry I am not keeping you all as informed as I would like but I am running around crazy busy organising things with my Dad who arrived in Rome on the 22nd!

So to sum up so much info into acouple of sentences (which I hope to eloborate on later) I flew from Barcelona to Rome on the 22nd and met my Dad. After we spent acouple of days in Rome and Florence, saw the leaning tower of Pisa on the way to Turin. Spent time with my friend Sumita in Pinerolo so we could see Sestriere and now we are in Lyon! I have showed my Dad my old apartment and university and tomorrow off to Paris! Oh it was exciting and so good to see 3 old friends today. My friend Alisa cried when she saw me and I felt the same! I need to visit her in Canada and also need to visit so many friends all over the world now that it makes you never want to stop travelling just so you can see the ones you love being with!

Cara in Lyon and feeling at home again! Vive la France!

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