Saturday, March 11, 2006

Going to Valencia!

This morning Ryan and I are heading south to Valencia by train where we hope to sit on a beach in nice weather and explore a smaller city!

Cara xoxox


Anonymous said...

hey cara!

its ur long lost buddy michelle.. well i'm not commenting on ur post (is that breaking the rules?! hehe), but just hadta msg after sitting back in immunology again. told lisa the other day i was reminiscing after hearing frank's lecture on how "intuitively obvious" everything in his lectures is! haha.. yeah maybe if ur the lecturer (or are repeating the subject like me!). makes me miss u guys!

also laughed at u wanting to try everything at the bakeries in venice. remember how u tried to start that tradition of bakery food for our 8:00 lectures.. even back here u had to have a few things to share between us, cause you'd get food envy if someone had something different to you!

miss u xox

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, cara, are you totally impressed with michelle finding the website and posting something? I am. Congrats michelle!!
I know I will catch you some time st uni but I have some funny things I want you both to know. Frank says hi to me in lifts and in hallways but the intuitively obvious part about him being nice completely escapes me. Anywho, cara i want you to know that I am very much considering becoming a in vitro immunologist rather than in vivo.
Enjoy the beach my dear, remember it will be winter when you get back!!
Kisses (for both of you),