Sunday, March 05, 2006

Made it Bologna!

Hi guys! Here in Bologna fine and dandy! Took a 2 hour train ride from Venice last night. I am staying with a friend Joel who is an awesome tour gide! He knows everything! I have booked my flight to Barcelona Spain on March 8th from Venice so I will be heading back to Venice to fly! Felt really organised becasue I asked before I left how to get to the airport and all that jazz! The I will fly to Rome....still gotta find that meet my Dad! Life is good! YAY! Alright, got o go out and see it! Bye for now!


Anonymous said...

hey cara

its your biochem buddy jeremy here

i wish id checked up earlier when u were in turrino...

i would so have liked to own some shroud of turin beach towels and other paraphernalia

hey if you go to mexico can you pick me up a jesus-burrito t-shirt?

or was that a tortilla?

keep it real my friend

Anonymous said...

hey what does it mean when your armpits cry stinky tears?

Cara Bradley said...

Jeremy your nuts! Thanks for logging on mon *jamacian accent* Okay! Who's that last comment from?

Anonymous said...

hey u

Rome wow-that would be fantastic, cant wait to see the photos from there.

sounds like from now until you leave is going to be very busy-you r going to see some fantastic places

Luv rhiannon

Clairess said...

I am a horrible horrible friend!!! I am so sorry that I haven't been on in ages. Sound like you are having a wonderful time, Venice looks amazing. I've decided that I am defiantely going there. i have booked my trip to america and a trek America. So excited!!!!!!!!!! I have also decide not to do a Contiki-like tour of Europe and instead backpack on my own. Well, maybe on my own, my friend Jess may be coming with me. What's the point on spend $2000 on a tour just to get drunk in every country?? I am not going to Europe for the alcohol. Any smart travel tips would be greatly appreciated!!!

Love you so much

claire bear

amy wallis said...

its been ages again, sorry!!! I just did a crash read throuh cara activities over the last month, but i must admit i often thought of u when i watched any of the olympics, it must have been amazing to be there. and i know this is old news, but that finger photo is gross! u poor thing!! venice looks gorgeous, very jealous, and rome wow u r really doing the rounds... plus thailand, ive heard about the crew going from here sounds like a heap of fun! look forward to reading more - just have to make the time ey? glad to hear ur having such a ball
amy xox

Anonymous said...

hey cara.
Thanks for your birthday wishes.

Sounds like you are having the time of your life and I'm incredibly jealous.

I'm going to san fran in november. I have friends near there. Too bad I'll miss you.

All the best.

Bec Clough