Thursday, March 02, 2006

Photo description (see photos below!):

PHOTO 1:Cara at work in the Irish Igloo Cloakroom (maiamed while setting up the cloack room it Ironically became the only place she could work!). Pictured with Lollo (Lorenzo) and Sheila whjo were visiting Sestriere for a bit from Torino. After I escaped from my horrible job there I went to Torino and met up with Lollo for a crazy night on the!

PHOTO 2: Cara departs and takes a picture of her co-workers: Helen (UK), Manu (Italian), Cara (hapopy to be leaving), H (UK....H is short for Helen).

PHOTO 3:Looking down the main street of Sestriere. The mntns where the womens Giant Slalom was run.....I saw that one...'cos I wasnt working for once cos I quit (I would have quit if I wasnt fired or fired it I didnt quit.....or would have gone nuts if I had to work there again!)

PHOTO 4: OOOOOOPPPPP!!!!!! Cara tried to cut off her finger.....this trip so far is a lot of firsts....first time to Europe, first time working in a bar....first stitches....yes, it was as nasty as it looked and the Department of State guys (my friends....met through work) were less then impressed with these lovely stitches so nicely sewn into my finger by less than competent doctors....and at the very end the last doctor they sent me too turned out to be a surgeon in Turin....thats right people....a surgeon.....someone who knows how to put in stitches....and waits for the anastetic to kick in.....oh first time in a forigen hosptial time I'll pass....P.S. finger looks much better now....the giant gap is actually gone!

PHOTO 5: Looking up the street in Sestriere. If you go all the way to the end of this road, out of the square, up the hill and to the left I lived up there. If you go up the street and look to your left you will see The Cavern which is the resturant owned by the same disorganised slave drivers/morons/bad guys/.....I mean guys....who own the Igloo.This photo the street is packed beacuse of the Olympics. There were people everywhere with flags of their countries, horns that were sold to cheer and lots of people decked out in Olympic team gear. The Russain Olympic team outfits were my favourite. White and red with a beautiful flower/vine patteren.

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