Friday, March 10, 2006

Barcelona- day 2!

Had an exhausing day in Barcelona and need more sleep then my current 6 hours in 48 hours! Today I got up at 8:15 even though Flamanco kept me out until the wee hours of the morning (2am) and intened to eat the fab breakfast (its pretty good. It has juice and 4 different kinds of cereal, toast, muffins, fruit...yum-o...imagining tomorrow). So at breakfast I talked with one of the girls who was at the Tapis/Flamanco night and she was going off exploring. So of course I decided to dely a shower, not re-sleep and go touring. We went to Parc Guell where Gaudi did more mosaics and he designed a system to save water in summer. We then took the bus and randomly hopped off at another well known and one of the best Gaudi creations- another house like yesterday. It was a bit more of a museum....all that educational stuff (you know how I hate that...sarcasm) and was interesting as I had already seen the parc and a house. Then we took a metro to the waterside (even though we didnt really need to...the distances on the maps look pretty big but everything is pretty easy to get to in walking distance) they seem to have a pretty nice system here. I am still waiting for the day when Melbourne trains come very 3 mins!

Se we wandered a bit until my friend decided she had better go and head for the airport as she was leaving. I laid in the sun a bit...oh did I mention Barcelona is in SPRING!!!!!!!! That´s right and if you were here you´d understand what a big gigant humongous deal that is! At the park I saw evidence....cherry trees in bloosom! In blosoom I tell you! And I was actually hot today and wished I was in a t-shirt! No way! I went outside wearing only 2 would have surficed but I couldn´t take anymore off, 2 is the min because I am not used to having to remove anymore layers then that! I am not sure how hot it was here today beacause like the pharmacys in France and Italy there are green crosses that flash telling you it is a phramacy and also they tell you the time and the temp. The ones that I saw this morning said anywhere between 17 to 21.5...either way I am happy and it is warm.

So I baked in the sun for a bit and enjoyed it. I arranged acouple of days before via email to meet Ryan (American who I met in Venice and spent a day touring together) in Plaza Catalunya. We found eachtoher there eventaually. It was nice to see him again. His smile is nice and sense of humour reassuring/comforting. Took him back to my hostel so he could get a place to stay and then finally got my shower! Oh it was good. Supposed to meet Ryan in Lobby at 17:30 (the 24 hour time thing is just how they do it here) but he slep and I thought he might have left so I wandered down Las Robles (a big main street) with Matt, an American who I had met a few hours earlier that day. We visited the Catedral...big...and the the Mercat Boqueria which is a market like the Vic Market for those that have been. I bought coconut beause it was already cut up frech and I thought it was novel. Ages since Ive eaten that! Then I went to meet 2 girls from the flamanco night for a Vegetarian all you can eat buffet for 8.80 Euros! Not bad! Ryan awoke and tried to meet us but to no avail since he could not find us. We met him after in out fav Plaza Catalunya, chatted for a bit and then wanderedto the beach just cos we wanted to see it even in the dark. We played in parks on the way, on a giant climbing rope structre which brought much amusement, stopped by a few clubs but just didnt feel the vibe and then walked all the way back home with sore feet. Need better walking shoes and something besides hiking boots! You cant wear them all the time!

Tomorrow I am up at 8am again to meet Ryan for breakfast so we can decide where we are going to travel in Spain. Breakfast is better then cos there arent so many people and if we get an early start we can see more of Barcelona. I will sleep when I´m dead! I will say I will take another nap tomorrow but I wont in the end! Too many things to see to miss out!

Love you all and take care! Have fun above all!


Claire bear said...

Barcelona sounds incredible!!! That is definately on my to-go list. I was speaking to the perfume lady at work the other day and she said that Spain has the most beautiful perfume in the world because they use the purest oils. So if you have a chance take a wiff!!!!

Life here is good. Work has slowed down and the need for cash has become critical. I am actually considering applying to fast food restaurant or becoming a walker. you know those people who drop leaflets in peoples letter boxes. Has it really come to this?? Surprisingly my desire to travel is stronger that my pride (weird!!!???) and i will become a walker.

Love you heaps

Claire bear

Anonymous said...

Sounds like your having a great time. It is nice that you have so many friends.