Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Cara is in Madrid!

Hi everyone!
So I made it to Madrid safe and sound. I took a bus from Valencia becasue in Spain it seems that the trains are way more expensive then the buses so for half the price of the train I took a bus through the beautiful countryside of Spain! It was gorgeous! I mean absolutely beautiful. The earthy colours were amazing and the landscape was very different to France and other countries tht I hve visited. Covered in soft looking grass, the very definition of green and dotted with flowering trees, rocks and exposed red earth. I was wirting some post cards at the time so if you get an ´I love Spain´ type of inftuated post card thats probably when it was written. I can see myself returing here and maybe living here for sometime.

So I got to Madrid and I was at the bus station in the middle of nowhere (with 2 friends from the previous hostel). I had to ask the bus driver and then 2 people on the street just to find the metro station. Then I followed some little old lady around because she was going the same way as I. Meanwhile I was wihtout a map or guide book.
I made it to Plaza del Carmen, my meeting point with Ryan nd found he was not there. After waiting for about an hour I decided action was required. We had arranged to meet there in a smaller plaza then Barcelona which was clever and showed that we learned from previous mistakes however at this point I relised many stupid things: 1-that Ryan had the addresses of hostels which I wrote down including phone numbers etc, 2- we had no back up plan if one of us did not show up and Ryan could have missed the train or the train may have been full or one of a hundred other problems could have arisen meaning that I would wait in the plaza forever, 3- becasue it was approaching 9pm stores to buy phone cards, food, maps etc would be closing.

So as i was planning my next move without any information a pair of Americans (Robert and Katie) walked past as which point I shouted out and we talked. It turned out Robert was staying at the Cat´s hostel one which seems to be the talk of the town at the meoment becasue it is new and everyone says how nice it is. So I proceeded to get directions from him to the hostel, a map from a hotel (who didn´t look impressed that I had a massive backpack...suck it up people) and took the metro back the way I´d come to the hostel station. Its all abotu who you meet, who you talk to and how much you throw yourself out there. After getting off the train I saw a guy I decreeded as looking American (sad but true you can start to tell these things). So I asked him if he was going to Cat´s and its a good thing to otherwise I would have NEVER found my way! I checked in so overjoyed to haver arrived and was given a watch as a key. It´s a little plastic blue watch which you scan to get into the hostel and your room and your locker. It´s pretty cool technology but at the same time I think it´s fuuny that everyone likes Cats for their little blue watches (I´m wearing mine right now!). It is also becasue the foyer is decorated like the Thaji Mahal with a nice fountain and mosaics.

So I met Stephanie from the USA in my room who is absolutely adorble and convinced her to come to a Jazz bar back near plaza del Carmen as Robert and Katie had invited me there. I love other peoples stories. Stephanie had booked her ticket in June last year to meet a friend on exchange but the friend decided to change and exchnge this summer instead. So now she is here in Spain for a week, having never travelled to Europe before or having stayed in hostels. So we wnt to this somky little jazz bar down in a basement that you would only know if you were a locl or an exchange student hunting for cool dark corners (Katie). The jazz was good too.

When I got home a note from Ryan was waitig saying that he has checked into Cat´s too...what a coinsidence (would have been a great back up plan)! So its the next day and I´ve had breakfast (provided by the hostel) and am going to head out today with Stephanie to explore...she seems big into eating pastry here (one of her favourite things) so I guess I will just have to grit and bear it! Bye for now! xoxox

P.S. It is definite that my Dad flys into Rome on March 22nd. I booked a flight from Barcelona to Rome that day so I slide into Rome and skid to a halt just before him to greet him at the gate!

P.P.S. Rhiannon is planning to accompany me in Thailand. YAY!

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Clay said...

It is a great life! It is funny how thngs work out. I wonder if there is some strange and mysterious connections that we are not aware of? Maybe it is just how people flow and you end up where you should be. Will see you soon in Rome.