Sunday, March 05, 2006

Cara commented on last blog that:

Hi my lovely Kris! Moving out! What the! YAY for you! Emmy! Tell me your plans for London. My Dad is coming to viti and will fly out of London around mid April so I will be there so we can meet up my lovely! Best gelato is RIGHT! SOOOO Goood! Finger is actually one piece now so thats good!Davey baby...Sestriere is at the top of the mtn and Turin was once the capital of Italy and is at the bottom the mountain and then some. Rhiannon! YAYAY for coming to Thailand! We will organise man! Venice was great to wander....incredible! Blue...Sestriere was cold and the bakeries are better then I could imagine and I nthink I am trying to patronise eveyone in Venice! Cara is going on a mega diet when she gets back! Exercise and eat right!


Cara's Mom & Pat said...


Patrick and I need to know what day you plan to arrive back in Melb. Or, are you going to go to the US instead of Thailand.
If you are not going to the US, and will be arriving in Melbourne around the begining of June, then we will cancel our US trip. I do not want to be away when you arrive home. I have missed you long enough!
If you are going to arrive later than 25th June or if you are going to the US with your dad and then come back home with us...can you please let me know now? If we need to cancel our trip...we have to do so asap.
We love you!

Anonymous said...

Hey you

Thats great about your dad coming to visit europe-how long is he going to be over for?

It sounds like you are not the true tourist, no more working or studying, just travelling from one place to the next-how enviouse i am

Will plan places to visit in thailand, and see you soon.

I start work at the commonwealth games soon, i am so excited-hopefully i will get to see a bit of the athletics while i am working and also the opening and closing ceremonies as i am working both of them too

Lov rhiannon

Cara Bradley said...

Do not cancel your trip! Right now I have rebooked my flights and will fly to Thiland on June first and fly back to Australia on JUne 25th because that ios the latest flight I can get. Rhiannon is going to meet me there. Hey Rhiannon, My Dad will be coming for 3 weeks. Have fun working the Commonwealth games! Opening and closing ceremonies will be awesome. I wish I was not working for those in Sestriere cos although they were on at work I didn't really get to see them.