Sunday, March 05, 2006

Bye Bye Venice, Hello Bologna!

Yeah, it's not as romatic or exciting as venice but Bologna is my next stop. I am leaving Venice today (Mark my hotel buddy here is staying) and taking the train about an hour to two hours south west to Bologna. I will have to tell you about it when I get there beacsue I dont know very much about it except it is called Red Bologna becasue there is alot of red brick and also that there are lots and lots of enclosed walkways because long ago people decided to add onto their existing houses but on the first floor mind you so there were lots of jutting out first floors which were turned into walk ways. I met 2 exchnage students on the train from Sestriere to Turin who are studying there so I have myself 2 willing guides! Hooray!

After Bologna Spain might be on the menu depending on how much flights are and then my Dad is coming out to visit and see Europe! How wonderful is that! I am over the moon!

Bye for now! More photos soon I hope!

P.S. Can you believe it? What a coinsidence! I met the family of an Olympic skier in Sestriere when I was woking in the cloak room and they turned up at my hotel on Thursday night! What a crazy coinsidence. So we met on Friday morning and went to the Murano Island to watch Murano glass blowing together and then had dinner with Mark that night and wandered around Venice.

P.S. After watching glass blowing we were in the upstairs posh show room and the man who works there was talking to me. He told me to turn around and I thought he was looking at my hair (he had commented earlier) but instead he slipped a present into my backpack! He told me not to open my bag until I got out. I was thinking that maybe he gave me a little glass animal or something but instead he slipped a tiny red vase with golden flowers into my bag! From the top level of the show room! That little thing must be worth over 100 Euros. A present for me he said! Incredible! I was amazed!

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Julia said...

Hey Cara,
Still having the time of your life, I hope. Things are well in my life. Nothing to exciting happening. I was recently rear ended by a car, but I was okay and now m y car is all better. I am sorry about your finger. That looks really painful, but then again I have never had stitches so what would I know about pain.
That is great that your dad is coming out to do some traveling with you. I hope you have a great time. Thanks for posting the pictures. It was good to see you again. Take care- don't hurt yourself anymore. Bye.
Your Cali Friend,