Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Las Fallas

So Las Fallas was great and I didnt have to sleep on the beach or in a park with friends in the end. I got really really lucky and got a bed in the hostel we stayed at the last time we were there. It was alot of fun and amazing to see the burning of the fallas. They were SO hot. We crowded around a fallas at 11 when they burnt all the large fallas (the smaller ones for the kids were burnt at 10). They wound an extremely long fuse around the fallas, sprayed it with flamable liquid from water bottles, removed the crowd barriers and torched the thing.

I Really liked the Fallas. Many if not most depicted topless women and would not be considered ´decent´ in Australia or the USA. There were also many figures which were were not your typical model type seen in magazines. The same is seen all across Europe with Art and especially statues and fountains in public places. It is nice to be open about it and recognise that everyone has the same body and that its not something to be ashamed of or hidden.


rfahertyin06 said...

well cara i´ll bite... How Hot Were the fias?
Its beengreat traveling with you through Spain, i doubt i would have met half the people i met without you to flag down everyone and invite them out with us.
and at the verry least my spain adventure would have been radicly diferent and i would have misse most of the good stuff if i didnt have you to force me to slow down.
Your by far the best travel buddy i have ever met and one hell of a great person.
i know you will have a great time with your dad, and i hope to see you in london. well go out for fish and chips, and maybe a spot of tea.
Your all kinds of great

Cara's Mom & Pat said...

Hello my mimi,
Have tried to call you several times but can't get through. The Commonwealth Games are on here and everyone must be trying to phone home!The outgoing lines seem to be busy.
Glad to hear you had a good time.
Glad to hear you had a nice/safe place to sleep.
Any photos ???????
Miss you heaps!
Come home......
Your mum

Mr David said...

ha! burning stuff! sounds like Australia to me! Although you don't often see burning women's torsos!!!

Australians are going bananas at the Commonwealth Games, setting all sorts of records and generally sticking it up the poms! (remind them of this when you go back to England!)

Say gday to your dad for me!

Come h.... no wait Jan has already said that


Claire bear said...

Hey beautiful girl,

Okay.... it's official!!! like official, official!!!!!!!!!!

I have booked my round the world trip!!! So excited!!!! It's happening!!! Really happening!!

Okay, I'm done. But I am really excited. I leave Melbourne to fly to LA on the 31st of May, Spend 2 days in LA for orientation, fly to Newark and head to camp to work as a Stage Manager (that's right Claire bear's a specialist counsellor!), leave the camp late August, hang out in New York and Boston for 9 days and then take a trek on the Northern Trail and see places like Niagra Falls, Chicago (blues bars here i come), Yosemite, San Fran and heaps of stuff in the middle for 3 weeks. then playing in Hollywood and Las Vegas until mid October, then flying to London to chill out with family for a week and then off through Europe for the greatest adventure ever and finally back to England for Christmas and New Years before flying home!!

Wow, it's seems like a lot to cram it to 6 mnths when I write it down like that. Am I going to see you before I go?? The idea of not seeing you in almost 2 years is not a pleasant one.

I miss you like crazy anbd if I'm honest with myself (which we both know that i never am), I'm kinda nervous. Any advice or tips that you could give me would be most appreciated.

Love you

claire Bear

Emilys Vs The World said...

Hi Cara thanks for checking my blog - Las Fallas sounds very cool i cant wait till i start going to differnt places in Europe England is OK but im hanging out with aussies so it feels so much like australia only heaps more expensive. I have tried to call you but the number is have is wrong please call me anytime on -07757867081. i am living in edgeware road at the moment right near the tube.
xxxooo emily

it's me bree! said...

wow babe!!! you're still alive!!!! it sounds soooo amazing. i have some travel news of my own!! a group of vet students are going to Sth Africa in nov-dec for 3 weeks to enrol in uni of pretoria to complete an "ecosystems and widelfie course", which basically menas that we go over there and wrok with vets to learn about conservation in jruger national park, how to dart and treat wild animals, catprive breeding programs, etc etc..... so i shall be frolicking in the wild with zebras and giraffes and the like! now... to convince uni nad banks to give me loans to pay for it all......
and dont listen to everone else, DONT COME HOME!!! NEVER!!!!!! hehehehehe
oh, and i bette rmention that time is doing ok, still at monash doing his final year of science which he doesnt really like but, hey, what can you do
had some bad news with my horse, she's been lame all summer and we couldnt find out why so i took her to werribee (as i get 45% discount) for special (and thus v.expensive) tests, awhich found she has problems with the attachments of ligaments in the hooves in both fore limbs... wand the prognosis isnt good, this injury doesnt ever really heal usually, and she could be always lame on circles..... so she's out for three months, and im trying some alternative therapy (re-shaping her hooves and chiro/acupuncture) to try and fix the way she uses her legs to balance her out and build muscle mass again and strengthen the areas..... we'll see what happens.
keep living life to the full, as you always do, and hold off those pastries!! otherwise you may have to buy 2 seats on the palne home!!!
Love, Bree