Saturday, July 02, 2005

Honolulu- they city of garbage trucks?

Hey! The YHA that I'm staying is next to lots of hotels becasue it is less then a block from the beach! YAY! However.... 3 different garbage truck companies collect rubbish everymoring at different times (well organised...we must be in the USA) and ...and all of them have sirens! No, no...not just when they are reversing but when they are turned on at all (can't be too careful now can we?). So hence my new favourite things are my earplugs! Take them when you travel people they are saving my sanity! I went for a tour of the whole island yesterday with people from my hostel!There were 10 of us and our tour guide was great. It was from 10am until 9pm and we got to see everything including sunset on the north shore! You cannt see the sunset from Waikiki beach which I found odd because I expect to be abale to see it! I met 2 reallynice British sisters...Emily and Lucy. They live in Chechester (southern England) which is where my Uncle Michael has a brother (Alan) who lives there with his family and has said I have the ok to come and visit! So I may just pop by and see Emily and Lucy as well! Hooray...I have friends!

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