Monday, July 18, 2005

Slowin' down

Hey there! When we first got here we moved really fast and started filling our days but I think we are slowing down a bit! Highlights have been visiting the Waimea Canyon which is called 'the grand canyon of the Pacific' and it's absolutely amazing! It's huge! Also going to the North shore to the Na Pali Coast. Look it up on the net- it's beautiful! I promise I will have pictures as soon as I get to San Fran and get access to my new laptop (YAY! Thanks Dad!) I will put some on for y'all! Yesterday I called my old friends from my aunt's cell phone (on weekends they can call anywhere in the USA for free!!!). I am organizing a dinner in Santa Rosa with everyone and its looking good! I also found out that my old dog Dee is still alive! That makes me smile. I am going to visit her too!


Jo said...

He girl,
Sounds like you are having a ball! And i think that you deserve it after everything uni has put us all through, (although you are not through it yet!)
Glad to hear that you were brave enough to go scuba diving, i have my dive licence and can't wait to again in Port Douglas, its one of the best feelings in the world!
So how is Harry Potter going? Have you finished it yet? I haven't started! I know soooo bad of me, but wait i have a good reason, i wanted to read number 5 again before starting on number 6!
Mitch says Hi and hopes that you are having a good holiday!
and now this makes 3 of my friends who are going over seas for a long period of time and leaving me behind!
Well i best let you enjoy ur holiday, keep updating ur blog cos i am living vicariously through ur blog cos i am in need of a good holiday myself!
Love Jo

Anonymous said...

hello my love! im back from the snow..... because i broke my arm! LOL.. my right radius in fact!
6 weeks in plaster! im going to get a pink cast when the swelling goes down!!
hope ur having fun
love u
love kristelmina

Cara Bradley said...

Hey Jo! How were your results babe!?! Are you doing physics again! lol Diving Port Douglas would be beautiful! Maybe I will go sometime! I am SO out of the loop! Is Potter good! I completely forgot! Hawaii was like another planet! Hi to Mitch! You living vicariously through my blog makes me happy to know that you're reading it and enjoying it! love ya! =) Keep uo with the comments, I like it! =)