Saturday, July 30, 2005

Hello San Fran =) Goodbye LA =(

Well Hi there! I am now in San Fran staying with my Dad in Santa Rosa (about an hour out from San Fran)! YAY! I like it down here, prettier then LA. I was up early today and drove north on highway 5 towards San Fran with my grandparents. The whole way is basically flat hot desert with the highlight being nests of starlings (Birds) under the freeway overpasses (not that you can see any birds) and the low point being the cow farm- I feel even better about not eating meat! We met my Dad half way there at a place called the Apricot tree. I remember this from when I was little! I used to play cards with my Nana under the tress and guessing games like 'I'm thinking of... and 'I spy''. I met my Dad and after hello hugs and goodbye tears continued driving northwith my Dad and Dave. We stopped in Berkley for a quick bite to eat (falafel yum!) and saw Berkley Uni and an absolutely stunning San Francisco Bay View from the Lawrence Hall of Science which is part of the uni. I used to go here and see science museum stuff as a kid who knew what a geek I would turn out to be! It's amazing how much of these places I remember (left USA at age 10). Before we got to my Dad's house he insisted I be blindfolded for a surprise about the house. My Dad has been working on his house since before time was time and for a moment I was worried that he had had a great new idea like 'knock out all the walls on the second floor' but instead he has finished his garage with a unit above it which was a major project (particularly because California's local government is so corrupt)! I am so proud! This is the best surprise in the world and makes me SO happy for him!


Cara Bradley said...

Hey all! Check your previous comments because I have responded to some of them with a post! This is how I will be communicating and replying when net access is slow or unavail. xoxoxo Cara

Dave's Dad said...

Hi Cara,

Hope you are looking after my little boy and not wearing him out too much. Your blog's informative but, unless I am mistaken on geography, you are now in Tijuana. San Fran is north of LA unless it has been moved by the San Andreas fault.

I guess you were tired or a girl..

Love Frank.

Hugs for David and you..

Cara Bradley said...

Ok Frank! Too right! I was tired! And there is only 2 letters difference between North and South! hehehe And I will let that 'girl' comment slide this time becasue I am in another country! Just this once! :-p