Friday, July 22, 2005

Cara's sleeping TIPS (airplane) for those that want them!

Everyone always has trouble sleeping in transport so here are my TIPS for all you would be travelers. Keep it in mind when you're traveling maybe it will help you out! Cara suggests: have 3 essential items- ear plugs, face mask and 'sleepy' music. A pillow and blanket are optional extras/luxury items. You can sleep anywhere with these things (this is how I sleep in Honolulu with the garbage trucks banging around)! Get a window seat if you're on a plane. Watch TV/read a book like you are preparing for bed. Shove your pillow against the window, put ear phones in (I have some that are like earplugs and go in your ears-best invention ever!), face mask on and I put the blanket over my head for additional noise/light/people blockage even though I would never sleep that way at home. The sleepy music must be music that you relate to being tired. Listen to it only when you are tied so it's like a hear the music and you know it's time for bed. I turn down the music as I get sleepy because I can't get to sleep with a lot of noise. Also, remember to wear light pants even if you are traveling from warm Hawaii to warm LA cos the planes are cold! And on the top wear a layer or two (I like a singlet top and jumper) so you can adjust! Not too many layers or you'll be elbowing the person next to you.

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Becc said...

Hey Cara! They are great tips!! I need to sleep on the plane when I leave on Saturday! See you in San Francisco real soon!!! =)