Thursday, July 28, 2005

LA as a tourist!

Hey there! Today my family (Grandparent's Kay and Chuck, Aunt Jill, cousins Jason & Kaylen and my Aussie friend Dave) started out and visited Chinatown which has a whole bunch of rubbish for a good price. Kaylen and found ourselves escaping from a lady trying to sell us underwear! I bought a hand bag because I didn't bring any small bags and carrying a wallet, water bottle and a borrowed phone alone in a giant suitcase really isn't convient! Travelling tip: Remember to bring a handbag and /or back pack when you travel, especially to hot places where you might not have lots of pockets ( a prob for the gals who don't usually wear cargo shorts 24-7- trendy skirts are strangely devoid of pockets!) We then went to Olvera Street which is where you can get all sorts of mexican stuff and some not so mexican! This is where the first house and street were built in LA. Jason, Kaylen, Dave and I picked up some custom leather cuffs. Mine is red with flowers! Then we walked around Universal City Walk where I found the Ultimate wind-up toy store (Cara collects fun wind-up toys)! Bought some my favourite was a lady bug who did both back flips and circles! Then we went to Baja Fresh which makes really great 'fresh' mexican food! Soooo full!


Anonymous said...

helooo cara (and dave)
i hope u two are having fun! mon ami i just wrote a looong email :) dave.. dont let them hypnotise u to becoming one of them :) think vegemite, and bogans! love to u both. love kris :)

Anonymous said...

its meeeeeeeeee!!
i love u!!
love kris :)

Anonymous said...

Hey there,
Just letting you know that tim, inny, jai and various other lovely people keep asking me how you are. I keep telling them to read your blog.
Anywho just wanted to say hi and thanks for the post card from kaui.
I keep turning up to class and expect you to be there or to hear your voice...I'm having withdrawals. Be glad your not there its already crazy and its only been a week.
Miss you heaps, love you
P.S: Jai is still hot and sweet. I'll keep him primed for you ;)

Claire said...

Hey gorgeous girl

You continue to impress Miss Cara Bradley. Hope you have an awesome time, insult a republican for me!! Got lots to tell you are you checking your regular email aka melbournebabe???

Miss you heaps but love you even more

claire bear

Cara Bradley said...

Thanks for writing twice Kris my love! Lisa you are so cute! You make me smile! lol re: Jai. Tell everyone I said Hi! BYO post card to uni to show ppl! Make them jealous! I am trying to check my mail beautiful Claire but it seems to be a bit hectic all the time weather I want it to be or not! Check here often and for replys guys!

Anonymous said...

hi haha u dont know who i am but i lovee you so much

Anonymous said...

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