Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Hanalei Bay on the North Shore

Hey guys! Today I went swimming in Hanalei Bay, it's on the North Shore. The water was crystal clear and you can see the bottom even in deep water. I jumped off the pier with my cousins and Uncle. I also went to a Guava plantation. A huge cup of Guava juice is $1.15 no sugar or anything and it tastes great! I am trying to pay my HECS overseas and that's interesting. Before you go overseas everyone, make sure you have your account numbers, phone numbers of the banks and know all your passwords and even the numbers of any official documents that you used to open accounts(eg: licence) because without all this I would have had a lot of probs! Be prepared! I had my first ice cream sandwich in AGES! It was Neapolitan Yum!! =) Love ya. And feel better my poor injured Kris and dizzy virus infected Blue! xox


Mr David said...

ice-cream sandwich! yum, can't wait to try that when I get to the US.... I want mine on wholemeal.... lol

Hi Kristal! Hi Blue! go team us! Hopefully I'll see you in 5 days Cara! depending on whether the AirNZ strike is over by then or not!! I'll let you know if I am stranded at Melbourne Airport! hehehehe


Claire said...

Hey beautiful,

Sorry it's been a while since I have sent a message but with uni going back and everything it's been crazy. It sounds like your having an incredible time, Hawaii sounds beautiful!!!

Quick question: Does an ice cream sandwich actually come with bread or a bread like substitute (ie-biscuit?) That seems very strange and terribly American!

All my love, keep smiling


Anonymous said...

Yay...I'm better enough I can just manage to look at a computer screen for more than five minutes.

Sounds like you've been one busy kid. Scuba diving eh? Glad you went through with it, I think it is our initial nature to feel weird about being under water. We're land animals after all....

I've been okay, even sick and all - I've been re-reading the Harry Potter books before I read the new one. No one tell me what happens!


Anonymous said...

mon ami....
bonjour. ca va? je suis tres mal... LOL hellooooo my love... how are things in sunny hawaii?
melb is cold and not fun...
we did wound care the other day at uni... i finally feel like im gonna be a nurse now! im gona get my plaster off the week of my clinicals... i will send pictures of my cast.. say hello to ur family for me :)
love u
love kristel mina

Anonymous said...

Hi your Nonie

Cara Bradley said...

CLAIRE: Thanks for writing Claire! Good to hear from you! Hawaii was beautiful! Ice Cream sandwiches are made with a bread like substitute, yes... very dark brown chocolate biscuit? Almost like oreo but most are not as hard! BLUE: Land animals is a very good point Blue!
KRIS: feel better my poor love! Merci pour ecrire!