Sunday, July 24, 2005

Lazy L.A.

Hey all! Today was a lazy day! I am still running on Hawaii time. To bed really late and up pretty late! It is so hot and dry here. I went to Ralph's (supermarket) yesterday and tried to buy some healthy food....interesting. All yoghurt has high fructose corn syrup as the second ingredient except one which has maple syrup instead! Oh GREAT! I'm excited because Dave (one of my best friends) will be arriving in LA on Tuesday avo (fingers crossed Air New Zealand doesn't strike!)! Can't wait to be around that Aussie accent again and someone who thinks Americans are a wako! I am looking into doing tourist things with him. You know, Hollywood Boulevard (with the stars on the pavement, seeing the Hollywood sign and Grauman's Chinese Theatre), the J. Paul Getty Museum (a definite-one of my favorite places in the world), Universal studios (?) and Disneyland (?) . It's so funny, my family already has the restaurants picked out where we have to take him and they have more restaurants in mind then the days that we are here in L.A! Dave says "I've only been to NZ before! soon I will be with you in the US eating sugary bread!!! and krispy kream donuts I've been told by cousin alli! did I tell you that my flight from Melbourne to Auckland tomorrow has been cancelled every day for the last week except for tomorrow when I fly out!! lucky!"


Mr David said...

heheheheheh, ahh yes. I look forward to trying to survive on all that sugar and fat! :) it will be like eating dessert 24hr's a day! yay! hehe

Cara Bradley said...

It is EXACTLY like that! You have no idea! But you soon will! Trying to choose your meal options is hell because there is no9thign that is good for you!

Rhiannon said...

Hey, You deserve a lazy day, it sounds like you have spent the whole trip so far racing around, not to mention what you were like before you left. Soak up the sun and enjoy it while you can, winter in France is going to be cold!!!! Miss u heaps

Clay Martinek said...

Hey Cara!

Have you tried Trader Joe's. They have a lot of natural type food and the prices are better than the health food store. I think that there must be 100s of resturants that you can eat at in L.A. I do not think that Americans really know that all of their food does not have to be full of fat and sugar. They have been raised that way and do not know any other way to eat! If you complaiin about it they say "you do not know how lucky your are, you could live in the third world where they are starving" I hate that, like that is going to make up for all the crap that they put in our food. We are suposed to smile and say how lucky we are.....yum, yum.

Anonymous said...

Yo, Cara whats going down? Hear your in L.A wow I didn't know someone was in my house. Great to c u again. I cant promise to read your journal everyday because i cant. but i will try......not. Just kidding. I hope you like this message, i think you will because you are watching me write it. Taking the wind out of my sail. Whatever that means. ok i will see you in like not even a fraction of a second because you are already here. too bad for you.

Your cousin Jason!!!!!!

claire said...

Hey beautiful,

Sorry I ahevn't writtenin a while. When you said that you were going to keep a blog I figured you meant once a fortnight, not once every two hours!!! Sounds like you having a fabulous time just hope you can keep it up!!! Of course you can.... YOU'RE CARA BRADLEY!!!!!! You can do anything. and i can not type. Alright got to get to drama, we are doing a musical about mathletes and spelling bee kids, it's that fun!

Love you heaps


Dave K said...

Hey Cara, glad that you are having heaps of fun. While you're eating Krispy Kreme Donuts, i've been sampling turtle soup, baby shark and wild boar in Singapore - i'd recommend trying them, but maybe not as a stable dietary meal. Good to hear from you and i'll email you soon about my adventures!

Cara's Mom & Pat said...

We love you.
Love mom