Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Leaving for the big self titled Island- Hawaii

I hate to say it but I am glad to be leaving here! I am going to be glad to get to Kona on Hawaii and not have to deal with anymore Americans! My family can do that. Today and yesterday I have had to deal with a number of rude, snappy and unhelpful people. I have never had that before but I suppose I have always been with family. Last night I was watching fireworks at the beach for the 4th of July with Emily,Lucy, another Brit, a guy from the Netherlands and a couple from the Isle of Man (a British Isle but NOT a part of Britain..they are their own country just in case your curious and don't want to offend Isle of Man inhabitants) and we were asked to move because we were deemed to be in the way by a bunch of middle aged Americans! They were rude and said they had waited in this outside bar ALL day for these spots (we decided if they were in a bar since 12pm they needed to go to Alcoholics anonymous) It was just too much at once! Someone hung up on me on purpose twice and also I made the mistake of telling the guy at the desk after he was really really unhelpful that I thought 'America has so many rules!'. He got all angry and accused me of yelling at him too early in the morning and anyway...gald to be gone!

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Chris said...

I hope you don't think all Americans are rude dumbasses. I am sure there are rude people in every country, seems like you hit your quota already with us. Give us another chance, for the most part I think Americans are inherently polite and helpful. I have never been to Hawaii though. :)