Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Photos!- family,Kauai's Wailua Falls & Hibiscus

My family (Papa, cousin Jason, Me, Mum, Pat, cousin Kaylen, Aunt Jill, Uncle Dan, Nonie), Kauai's Wailua Falls & Hibiscus

Shippwrecked cove on Kauai (breathtakingly beautiful)

Danny, Jill and I hiking the Waimea Canyon

Me and then Canyon!


Anonymous said...

hey you meme!!!!!!!omg i miss you and your right behind me doing streachs (spell?) haha i totally love it !!! ok well my myspace is totally awesome and you know it! but yes i must admit that sometime its quite the HOOKER!!!jk (remember when i was there and i said it so much and you ended it up saying it too ! that was great) ok well its late and now that we have had a fun day in Olvera Street buying cheap belts and chillis and in china town w. that freakin' weird chinese lady ( no offense). Well yes it was def. something to remember...just like our diving w. a hott hawaiian, and at macys w. the broch and well like everything else that we have ever done together, duh because even devons myspace comment said that we were best friends!! and you know that those stupid things don't lie!!!

i love you bff&l (best friends forever & life)- i used to think it meant best friends for life and lovers but now i know better,you might have gotten the hair color but i def. got the blonde brain!

Rhiannon said...

Hey you, Good to see you have finnaly put some photos up for us. I am so envious, everyone is wearing singlet tops and shorts, and here I am stuck in wintery Melbourne wearing 4 layers trying to stay warm-summer feels such a long way away.