Friday, July 29, 2005

Movies with Nonie

Hi there! Today I went and saw The Island and Wedding Crashers with my Grandparents who are secret shoppers and get free movies! I liked The Island. It was fast paced, new and futuristic. Wedding Crashers I saw because my cousins Jason and Kaylen wanted to see it. It was pretty funny and there were a lot of 'Oh No!' sorta scenes. A cameo from Will Ferrell made my cousins day! After that we went to dinner at the Spaghetti factory in Hollywood. It has very simple/typical American food and is a favourite from when I was little. The furniture is all antique/fun and 'spumoni' ice cream which comes with all meals is can't be found anywhere else! It's really good. We then all walked around Hollywood and saw the stars on the sidewalk and Grauman's Chinese Theatre. Bought a California pin....gosh I feel Patriotic! Photos soon! Anyone see those movies?


Blue said...

Heeey, I saw The Island last night; I thought it was pretty good. Nice special effects and I so want one of those bike/plane things.

One of the best scenes had to be where they fell from the skyscraper holding onto it's logo. And lived... only in movies eh?

Cara Bradley said...

Yeah, falling with the logo was a bit far fetched but I guess it could maybe, possibly happen! I'll let them get away with it this time!

Anonymous said...

Hey you! Buying pins, it sounds like you are turning back into an american, save yourself while you still can.

We saw The Island during the week, and I agree, not a bad move, it had some funny bits.

I hope you are taking some time in between being a tourist to actually relax, although knowing you it is highly unlikely!!!

Uni is just not the same without you, I cant believe 2 weeks has gone already, I only have 10 weeks left of this semester-ahhh

Luv Rhiannon